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Quels sont vos albums metal/hard rock préférés de 2003?

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  • Polly
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    il y a 7 mois
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    Salut. Tu ne proposes pas une liste ?

    @ je te remercie d'avoir donné la liste

    Bon alors je possède :

    meteora LINKIN PARK

    st anger METALLICA

    Pour Linkin Park, j'aime bien mais sans plus. Mon album préféré de ce groupe demeure et reste Hybrid Theory

    Quand à Metallica, je suis une inconditionnelle de leurs albums des années 80 en plus de l'album Black. 

  • 🎏
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    il y a 7 mois

    Je n’aime pas ce style.

  • il y a 7 mois

    Je poste une liste où vous pouvez choisir

    dance of death IRON MAIDEN

    train of thought DREAM THEATER

    st anger METALLICA

    meteora LINKIN PARK

    the golden age of grotesque MARYLIN MANSON

    hate crew death roll CHILDREN OF BODOM

    anthem of rebellion ARCH ENEMY

    death cult armageddon DIMMU BORGIR

    we've come for you all ANTHRAX

    damnation OPETH

    the puppet master KING DIAMOND

    valley of the damned DRAGONFORCE

    killbox XIII OVERKILL

    take a look in the mirror KORN

    enemies of reality NEVERMORE

    the link GOJIRA

    as the palace burns LAMB OF GOD

    the eyes of alice cooper ALICE COOPER

    rabbits don't come easy HELLOWEEN

    the phantom agony EPICA


    heretic MORBID ANGEL

    bringer of blood SIX FEET UNDER

    hate them DARKTHRONE

    recreation day EVERGREY

    world funeral MARDUK

    below the lights ENSLAVED

    throught the ashes of empire MACHINE HEAD

    winterheart's guild SONATA ARTICA

    elements part I STRATOVARIUS

    elements part II STRATOVARIUS

    nordic land II BATHORY

    rheingold GRAVE DIGGER

    ember to inferno TRIVIUM

    the rise of brutality HATEBREED

    metal discharge DESTRUCTION

    roorback SEPULTURA

    thickskin SKID ROW

    terror abraxas DESTROYER 666

    force of evil FORCE OF EVIL

    sphynx MELECHESH

    a lethal dose of american hatred SUPERJOINT RITUAL

    accelerated evolution DEVIN TOWNSEND

    all that you fear IMPALED NAZARENE

    monument GRAND MAGUS

    deftones DEFTONES

    results may vary LIMP BIZKIT

    work of carnage KRISIUN

    the impossibility of reason CHIMAIRA

    inferno ENTOMBED

    unhallowed BLACK DAHLIA MURDER

    figure number 5 SOILWORK

    bananas DEEP PURPLE

    liberation 1349

    dagoba DAGOBA

    this left feels right BON JOVI

    twilight of the gods GORGOROTH

    dechristianized VITAL REMAINS

    underworld ADAGIO

    devildriver DEVILDRIVER

    rock the block KROKUS


    voi vod VOID VOD

    evil never dies TOXIC HOLOCAUST

    waste em all MUNICIPAL WASTE

    farmakon SKEPTICISM

    **** the system EXPLOITED

    servant of the beast TEMPLE OF BALL

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