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Quels sont vos albums thrash metal préférés des années 2000 (2000-2009)?

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    st anger METALLICA 2003 et     

    death magnetic METALLICA 2008

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  • il y a 3 mois

    Je poste une liste où vous pouvez choisir 

    god hates us all SLAYER 2001       

    christ illusion SLAYER 2006       

    world painted blood SLAYER 2009       

    the world needs a hero MEGADETH 2001       

    the system has failed MEGADETH 2004       

    united abominations MEGADETH 2007       

    endgame MEGADETH 2009       

    violent revolution KREATOR 2001       

    enemy of god KREATOR 2005       

    hordes of chaos KREATOR 2009       

    first strike still Deadly TESTAMENT 2001      

    live in London TESTAMENT 2005     

    the formation of damnation TESTAMENT 2008       

    tempo of the damned EXODUS 2004       

    shovel headed kill machine EXODUS 2005       

    atrocity exhibition:exhibit A EXODUS 2007       

    reinventing the steel PANTERA 2000       

    we've come for you all ANTHRAX 2003       

    bloodletting OVERKILL 2000       

    killbox XIII OVERKILL 2003  

    reliXIV OVERKILL 2005       

    immortalis OVERKILL 2007       

    M16 SODOM 2001   

    sodom SODOM 2006      

    the final sign of evil SODOM 2007       

    all hell breaks loose DESTRUCTION 2000       

    the anthichrist DESTRUCTION 2001       

    metal discharge DESTRUCTION 2003       

    inventor of evil DESTRUCTION 2005       

    thrash anthems DESTRUCTION 2007       

    devolution DESTRUCTION 2008       

    beast of bourbon TANKARD 2004       

    agony of death HOLY MOSES 2008       

    st anger METALLICA 2003       

    death magnetic METALLICA 2008       

    left for dead LAAZ ROCKIT 2008       

    so above so below DELIVERANCE 2007       

    the art of dying DEATH ANGEL 2004       

    Killing season DEATH ANGEL 2008       

    carnival diablos ANNIHILATOR 2001       

    waking the fury ANNHILATOR 2002  

    schizo Deluxe ANNIHILATOR 2005       

    metal ANNIHILATOR 2007       

    through the ashes of empire MACHINE HEAD 2003       

    the blackening MACHINE HEAD 2007       

    Killing peace ONSLAUGHT 2007       

    horror show ICED EARTH 2001       

    Glorious burden ICED EARTH 2004       

    framing Armageddon ICED EARTH 2007       

    the crucible of man ICED EARTH 2008       

    weight of the world METAL CHURCH 2004       

    light in the dark METAL CHURCH 2006       

    this present wasteland METAL CHURCH 2008       

    DDP4life DUBLIN DEATH PATROL 2007       

    use once and destroy SUPERJOINT RITUAL 2002       

    the crusade TRIVIUM 2006       

    shogun TRIVIUM 2008       

    as the palace burns LAMB OF GOD 2003       

    ashes of the wake LAMB OF GOD 2004       

    sacrament LAMB OF GOD 2006       

    wrath LAMB OF GOD 2009       

    barrage of noise HIRAX 2001       

    the new age of terror HIRAX 2004       

    assassins of war HIRAX 2006       

    chaos and brutality HIRAX 2007       

    el rostro de la muerte HIRAX 2009       

    prophecy DEFIANCE 2009       

    rebel meets rebel REBEL MEETS REBEL 2006       

    hades rises AURA NOIR 2008       

    hazardous mutation MUNICIPAL WASTE 2005       

    the art of partying MUNICIPAL WASTE 2007       

    massive agressive MUNICIPAL WASTE 2009       

    dreams of death FLOTSAM AND JETSAM 2005       

    third world genocide NUCLEAR ASSAULT 2005       

    phoenix rising DESTROYER 666 2000       

    cold steel for an iron age DESTROYER 666 2002       

    defiance DESTROYER 666 2009       

    free your soul and save my mind SUCIDAL TENDENCIES 2000       

    voi vod VOI VOD 2003  

    katorz VOI VOD 2006  

    infini VOI VOD 2009       

    sphinx MELECHESH 2003       

    emissaries MENECHESH 2006       

    dead heart in a dead world NEVERMORE 2000       

    this godless eneavor NEVERMORE 2005       

    enter the grave EVILE 2007       

    feed the beast BONDED BY BLOOD 2008       

    Citizen brain GAMA BOMB 2008  

    burn HAVOK 2009       

    the old family is still alive NATIONAL SUICIDE       

    black future VEKTOR 2009       

    evil never dies TOXIC HOLOCAUST 2003       

    hell on earth TOXIC HOLOCAUST 2005     

    an overdose of death TOXIC HOLOCAUST 2008     

    chemical assault VIOLATOR 2006       

    when death comes ARTILLERY 2009       

    acts of insanity SPEED KILL HATE 2004  

    war without end WARBRINGER 2008       

    waking into nightmare WARBRINGER 2009       

    demons and wizards DEMONS AND WIZARDS 2000       

    touched by the Crimson king DEMONS AND WIZARDS 2005       

    demolition JUDAS PRIEST 2001  

    beyond fear BEYOND FEAR 2006   

    and the worst is yet to com HYADES 2007      

    the roots of thrash HYADES 2009       

    unborn again WHIPLASH 2009       

    infected nations EVILE 2009       

    deathraceking THE CROWN 2000     

    Eternal domination SUICIDAL ANGELS 2007     

    sanctify the darkness SUICIDAL ANGELS 2009   

    give em war 2007 ANGELUS APATRIDA    

    clockwork ANGELUS APATRIDA 2008   

    inllikted CAVALERA CONSPIRAY  

    roorback SEPULTURA 2003  

    dante XII SEPULTURA 2006  

    A lex SEPULTURA 2009  

    homen inimigo do homen RATOS DE PORAO 2006  

    selvageria SELVAGERIA 2009  

    infernal thrashing holocaust FASTKILL 2004  

    nuclear thrashing attack FASTKILL 2007  

    an absence of faith MORTAL SIN  

    the executionner RAPED GOD 666 2008  

    no return NO RETURN 2006  

    manipulate mind NO RETURN 2008  

    deathreat AGRESSOR 2006

  • il y a 3 mois

    Marilyn Manson..............


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