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Quels sont vos albums thrash metal préférés des années 80?

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    il y a 8 mois
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    Tout les Metallica.

  • il y a 8 mois

    Je poste une liste où vous pouvez choisir 

    kill'em all METALLICA 1983   

    ride the Lightning METALLICA 1984   

    master of puppets METALLICA 1986   

    and justice for all METALLICA 1988   

    Killing is my business MEGADETH 1985   

    peace sells but who's buying MEGADETH 1986   

    so far so good so what MEGADETH 1988   

    show no mercy SLAYER 1983   

    hell awaits SLAYER 1985   

    reign in blood SLAYER 1986   

    South of Heaven SLAYER 1988   

    fistful of metal ANTHRAX 1984   

    spreading the disease ANTHRAX 1985   

    among the living ANTHRAX 1987   

    state of euphoria ANTHRAX 1988   

    bonded by blood EXODUS 1985   

    pleasure of the flesh EXODUS 1987   

    fabulous disaster EXODUS 1989   

    the legacy TESTAMENT 1987   

    new order TESTAMENT 1988   

    practise what you preach TESTAMENT 1989   

    feel the fire OVERKILL 1985   

    taking over OVERKILL 1987   

    Under the influence OVERKILL 1988   

    years of decay OVERKILL 1989   

    the ultraviolence DEATH ANGEL 1987   

    frolic through the park DEATH ANGEL 1988   

    we have arrived DARK ANGEL 1985   

    darkness descends DARK ANGEL 1986   

    leave scars DARK ANGEL 1989   

    forbidden evil FORBIDDEN 1988   

    ignorance SACRED REICH 1987   

    doomsday for the deceiver FLOTSAM AND JETSAM 1986   

    no place for disgrace FLOTSAM AND JETSAM 1988   

    city's gonna burn LAAZ ROCKIT 1984   

    know your enemy LAAZ ROCKIT 1987   

    annihilation principle LAAZ ROCKIT 1989   

    Eternal nightmare VIO LENCE 1988   

    raging violence HIRAX 1985   

    power metal PANTERA 1988   

    Breaking the silence HEATHEN 1987   

    game over NUCLEAR ASSAULT 1986   

    survive NUCLEA ASSAULT 1988   

    handle with care NUCLEAR ASSAULT 1989   

    speak English or die SOD 1985   

    usa for mod MOD 1987   

    gross isconduct MOD 1989   

    thrash zone DRI 1989   

    bestial invasion SEPULTURA 1985   

    morbid visions SEPULTURA 1986   

    schizophrenia SEPULTURA 1987   

    beneath the remains SEPULTURA 1989   

    metal Church METAL CHURCH 1985   

    the dark METAL CHURCH 1986   

    blessing in disguise METAL CHURCH 1989   

    alice in hell ANNIHILATOR 1989   

    war and pain VOI VOD 1984   

    roooaaar VOI VOD 1986   

    Killing technology VOI VOD 1987   

    dimension hatross VOI VOD 1988   

    nothingface VOI VOD 1989   

    endless pain KREATOR 1985   

    pleasure to kill KREATOR 1986   

    terrible certainty KREATOR 1987   

    extreme aggression KREATOR 1989   

    sentence of death DESTRUCTION 1984   

    infernal overkill DESTRUCTION 1985   

    Eternal devastation DESTRUCTION 1986   

    release from agony DESTRUCTION 1987   

    in the sign of evil SODOM 1985   

    persecution mania SODOM 1987   

    agent orange SODOM 1989   

    zombie attack TANKARD 1986   

    chemical invasion TANKARD 1987   

    the morning after TANKARD 1988   

    possessed by fire EXUMER 1986   

    fear of tommorow ARTILLERY 1985   

    suicidal tendencies SUICIDAL TENDENCIES 1983   

    join the army SUCIDAL TENDENCIES 1987   

    how will I laugh tommorow SUICIDAL TENDENCIES 1988  

    RIP CORONER 1987  

    punishment for decadence CORONER 1988   

    no more colors CORONER 1989   

    morbid tales CELTIC FROST 1985   

    welcome to hell VENOM 1981   

    black metal VENOM 1982   

    power from hell ONSLAUGHT 1985   

    the force ONSLAUGHT 1986   

    dreamwaver SABBAT 1989   

    deliverance DELIVERANCE 1989   

    hobbs angel of death HOOBS ANGEL OF DEATH 1988   

    face of despair MORTAL SIN 1989   

    rigor mortis RIGOR MORTIS 1988   

    insult to injury WHIPLASH 1988   

    human sacrifice VENGEANCE RISING 1988   

    brasil RATOS DE PORAO 1989 

    to mega therion CELTIC FROST 1985 

    into the pandemoium CELTIC FROST 1987 

    evil invaders RAZOR 1985 

    terror and submission HOLY TERROR 1987 

    none shall defy INFERNAL MAJESTY 1987 

    annihilation of civilization EVIL DEAD 1989 

    human wreckage DAM 1989 

    ritually abused NIM SKULL 1988 

    by inheritance ARTILLERY 1987 

    carnivore CARNIVORE 1986 


  • il y a 8 mois

    je déteste ce style..

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