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Quels sont vos albums metal/hard rock préférés de 2007?

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  • il y a 2 mois
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    Dig your grave

    de Hard Dracula

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  • il y a 2 mois

    Je poste une liste où vous pouvez choisir 

    united abominations MEGADETH  

    black rain OZZY OSBOURNE  

    the blackening MACHINE HEAD  

    rise of the tyrant ARCH ENEMY  

    give me your soul KING DIAMOND  

    systematic chaos DREAM THEATER  

    gods of war MANOWAR  

    gambling with the devil HELLOWEEN  

    inner sanctum SAXON  

    atrocity exhibitions exhibit A EXODUS  

    ithyphallic NILE  

    immortalis OVERKILL  

    metal ANNIHILATOR  

    in sorte diaboli DIMMU BORGIR  

    mastercutor UDO  

    framing armageddon something this way commes II ICED EARTH  

    resurrection CHIMAIRA  

    minutes to midnight LINKIN PARK  

    angel down SEBASTIAN BACH  

    dominator WASP  

    new religion PRIMAL FEAR  

    thrash anthems DESTRUCTION  

    the final sign of evil SODOM  

    apostasy BEHEMOTH  

    xecutionners return OBITUARY  

    king of the grey island CANDLEMASS  

    ddp4life DUBLIN DEATH PATROL  

    rom 5:12 MARDUK  

    **** off and die DARKTHRONE  

    killing peace ONSLAUGHT  


    room full of sinners THE CURSED  

    serpent saint ENTOMBED  

    real to reel TESLA  

    over the under DOWN  

    the art of partying MUNICIPAL WASTE  

    poison'd POISON  

    humanity hour SCORPIONS  

    land of the free II GAMMA RAY  

    liberty or death GRAVE DIGGER  

    commandment SIX FEET UNDER  

    unia SONATA ARTICA  

    ziltoid the omniscient DEVIN TOWNSEND  

    ghost opera KAMELOT  

    paradise lost SYMPHONY X  

    nocturnal BLACK DAHLIA MURDER  

    avenged sevenfold AVENGED SEVENFOLD  

    dark passion play NIGHTWISH  

    untitled KORN  


    nameless dead PRIMORDIAL  

    the divine conspiracy EPICA  

    dead again TYPE O NEGATIVE  

    tervaskanto KORPIKLAANI  


    the red album BARONESS  

    halmstad SHINING  

    sworn to the dark WATAIN  

    icons of evil VITAL REMAINS  

    snakes and arrows RUSH  

    liberation and transmission LOST PROPHET  

    so above so below DELIVERANCE  

    doomsday x MALEVOLENT CREATION  

    hellyeah HELLYEAH  

    shadows of life IMMOLATION  

    ordo ad chao MAYHEM  

    eat me drink me MARYLIN MANSON  

    an ocean between us AS I LAY DYING  

    time to be free ANDRE MATOS 

    gothic Kabbalah THERION 

    theogonia ROTTING CHRIST 

    the heart of eveything WITHIN TEMPTATION 

    metalizer SABATON 

    a noise severe THE GATHERING 

    ur jordens djup FINNTROLL 

    threads of live SHADOWS FALL 

    spiritual apocalypse MONSTROSITY 

    year zero NINE INCH NAILS 

    Victory songs ENSIFERUM 

    after forever AFTER FOREVER 

    given to the rising NEUROSIS 


    runnin' wild AIRBOURNE 


    the way of the first FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH 

    count your blessings BRING ME THE HORIZON 

    silent waters AMORPHIS 

    worlds collide APOCALYPTICA 

    the last sucker MINISTRY 

    the deth album DETHKLOK 

    sttel meets steel HAMMERFALL 

    warriors AGNOSTIC FRONT 

    witchcult today ELECTRIC WIZARD 

    my winter storm TARJA TURUNEN 

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