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Quels sont vos albums metal/hard rock préférés de 1995?

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  • il y a 2 mois
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    X factor de Maiden 

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  • il y a 2 mois

    Je poste une liste où vous pouvez choisir

    ozzmosis OZZY OSBOURNE   

    ballbreaker AC/DC   

    sacrifice MOTORHEAD   

    draconian time PARADISE LOST   

    X factor IRON MAIDEN   

    a change of SEASON DREAM THEATER   

    demanufacture FEAR FACTORY   

    symbolic DEATH   

    alice in chains ALICE IN CHAINS   

    king for a day FAITH NO MORE   

    stomp 242 ANTHRAX   

    burnt offerings ICED EARTH   

    land of the free GAMMA RAY   

    a spider's lullabyes KING DIAMOND   

    forbidden BLACK SABBATH   


    subhuman SKID ROW   

    nola DOWN   

    dominate MORBID ANGEL   

    imaginations from the other side BLIND GUARDIAN   

    still not black enough WASP   

    the gallery DARK TRANQUILLITY   

    cause for conflict KREATOR   

    astrocreep WHITE ZOMBIE   

    these days BON JOVI   

    destroy erase improve MESSHUGAH   

    balance VAN HALEN   

    dogs of war SAXON   

    4th dimension STRATOVARIUS   

    violence is the prince of this world DESTROYER 666   


    a storm in the winter's bane DISSECTION   

    BATTLES of north IMMORTAL   

    panzerfaust DARKTHRONE   

    svertith BEHEMOTH   

    adrenaline DEFTONES   

    clutch CLUTCH   

    power of inner strenght GRIP INC   

    once upon a cross DEICIDE   

    magnum opus YNGWIE MALMSTEEN   

    blood and valour BESTIAL WARLUST   

    masquerade RUNNING WILD   

    a small deadly space FIGHT   

    coroner CORONER   

    masquerade in blood SODOM   

    slaughter of the soul AT THE GATES   

    humanize human MASSACRA   

    seasons of soul NO RETURN   

    herzeleid RAMMSTEIN   

    carnival bizarre CATHEDRAL   

    stranger in us all RAINBOW   

    dead winter dead SAVATAGE   

    wolfheart MOONSPELL   

    the tankard TANKARD   

    full speed ahead DRI   

    plastic planet GZR   

    mandylion THE GATHERING  

    dysfunctionnal DOKKEN  

    ultraphobic WARRANT  

    negatron VOI VOD  

    infernal love THERAPY  

    smells like children MARYLIN MANSON  

    eternity KAMELOT  

    made in Heaven QUEEN  

    into cold darkness VITAL REMAINS  

    carved in stone VINCE NEIL  

    the damnation game SYMPHONY X  

    esptron SCEPTIC FLESH  

    nevermore NEVERMORE  

    die Healing SAINT VITUS 

    defekt OOMPH 

    adios amigos RAMONES 

    insomniac GREEN DAY 

    walk on the water UFO

    alien love secrets STEVE VAI

    down to the bone QUIET RIOT


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  • Anonyme
    il y a 2 mois

    Je m'en tiens à Survivor !

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