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Quels sont vos albums metal/hard rock préférés de 1994?

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  • T*H*Y
    Lv 7
    il y a 9 mois

    superunknown SOUNDGARDEN


    snuff the punk POD

    the cult THE CULT

    korn KORN

    troublegum THERAPY?

  • il y a 9 mois

    youthtanasia MEGADETH

    world demise OBITUARY

    the bleeding CANNIBAL CORPSE 

    welcome to the sky valley KYUSS


    Bergtatt par ULVER


  • il y a 9 mois

    Adios Amigos par Ramones

  • Anonyme
    il y a 9 mois

    Là, je ré-écoute un album de Survivor !

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  • il y a 9 mois

    Je poste une liste où vous pouvez choisir

    far beyond driven PANTERA    

    divine intervention SLAYER    

    youthtanasia MEGADETH    

    cross purposes BLACK SABBATH    

    low TESTAMENT    

    awake DREAM THEATER    

    motley crue MOTLEY CRUE    

    burn my eyes MACHINE HEAD    

    strange highways DIO    

    superunknown SOUNDGARDEN    

    balls to picasso BRUCE DICKINSON    

    time MERCYFUL FATE    

    wfo OVERKILL    

    korn KORN    

    nightside eclipse EMPEROR    

    the last temptation ALICE COOPER    

    death row ACCEPT    

    world demise OBITUARY    

    master of the ring HELLOWEEN    

    the bleeding CANNIBAL CORPSE    

    king of the kill ANNIHILATOR    

    bag of tricks ANNIHILATOR    

    get what you deserve SODOM    

    devolution MOD    

    fear emptiness NAPALM DEATH     

    transilvanian hunger DARKTHRONE    

    opus nocturne MARDUK    

    menace to society KILLERS    

    the principle of evil made flesh CRADLE OF FILTH    

    dreamscape STRATOVARIUS    

    need to control BRUTAL TRUTH    

    black hand inn RUNNING WILD    

    sympsium of rebirth AGRESSOR    

    sick MASSACRA    

    born dead BODY COUNT    

    distortion FORBIDDEN    

    pointblank NAILBOMB    

    prince of the poverty line SKYCLAD    

    lunar strain IN FLAMES    

    for victory BOLTHROWER    

    shadowthrone SATYRICON    

    frost ENSLAVED    

    de mysteriis dom sathanas MAYHEM    

    deliverance CORROSION OF COMFORMITY    

    huys lyset tar oss BURZUM    

    handful of rain SAVATAGE    

    promised land QUEENSRYCHE    

    portrait of an american family MARYLIN MANSON    

    seventh sign YNGWIE MALMSTEEN    

    suicidal for life SUICIDAL TENDENCIES    

    two faced TANKARD    

    suomi prekele finland IMPALED NAZARENE    

    reflection ACCUSER    

    the cleansing PRONG    

    jar of flies ALICE IN CHAINS   

    prick MELVINS   

    tales from the thousand lakes AMORPHIS   

    Danzig IV DANZIG   

    vitalogy PEARL JAM   

    terminal spirit disease AT THE GATES   

    the division bell PINK FLOYD   

    I am the bloody earth MY DYING BRIDE   

    dookie GREEN DAY   

    smash OFFSPRING   

    Under the moonspell MOONSPELL   

    the cult THE CULT   

    for all tid DIMMU BORGIR   

    electric wizard ELECTRIC WIZARD   

    pentagram GORGOROTH   

    groove family cyko INFECTIOUS GROOVES   

    symphony X SYMPHONY X 

    welcome to the sky valley KYUSS

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