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Quels sont vos albums metal/hard rock préférés de 2014?

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  • Polly
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    il y a 1 an
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    As-tu une liste à proposer, ou un choix entre deux albums ?

    @ Oulalala ! Tu as mis Pink Floyd dans ta liste ! Je suis outrée

    @ Je ne possède aucun album de ta liste, hormis Pink Floyd.

  • Anonyme
    il y a 1 an

    Le seul c'est AC:DC

  • Anonyme
    il y a 1 an

    Je fais Survivor Eye of the tiger !

  • il y a 1 an

    Kendji Girac avec Gitano. Ça déchire grave.

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  • il y a 1 an

    Je poste une liste où vous pouvez choisir

    rock or bust AC/DC

    the hunting party LINKIN PARK

    world on fire SLASH

    9:the gray chapter SLIPKNOT


    redeemer of souls JUDAS PRIEST

    sonic highways FOO FIGHTERS

    bloodstone and diamonds MACHINE HEAD

    blind rage ACCEPT

    communion OPETH

    quantum enigma EPICA

    war eternal ARCH ENEMY

    once more round the sun MASTODON

    catacombs of the black vatican BLACK LABEL SOCIETY

    the satanist BEHEMOTH

    blood in blood out EXODUS

    dawn of the new centurion HATRIOT

    police defenders of the crown EDGUY

    immortal legacy HIRAX

    empire of the undead GAMMA RAY

    white devil armory OVERKILL

    down IV part 2 DOWN

    plagues of babylon ICED EARTH

    sex opera SATAN JOKERS

    time to die ELECTRIC WIZARD

    at war with reality AT THE GATES

    send them all to hell PANZER

    tourniquet hawksaw and graves AUTOPSY


    manala chamasta TRIPTYKON

    origins ELUVEITIE

    pariah's child SONATA ARTICA

    broken crown halo LACUNA COIL

    revolution HAMMERFALL

    siren charms IN FLAMES


    all you can eat STEEL PANTHER

    modern vintage SIXX:AM

    babylonian pandemonium CAVALERA CONSPIRACY

    distant satellites ANATHEMA

    heroes SABATON

    light of the dawn UNISONIC

    hymn for the broken EVERGREY

    burial ground LOUDBLAST

    ink in blood OBITUARY

    a skeletal domain CANNIBAL CORPSE

    triumph and power GRAND MAGUS

    the story we could tell MR BIG

    moonkings VANDENBERGH

    rest in beer TANKARD

    ophidian tree MESSHUGAH

    grand morbid funeral BLOODBATH

    exit wounds THE HAUNTED

    louder than ever PRETTY MAIDS

    the year the sun died SANCTUARY

    conjuring the dead BELPHEGOR

    blood mantra DECAPITATED

    I'm on fire GUS G

    give em hell SEBASTIAN BACH

    up the dosage NASHVILLE *****

    men of honor ADRENALINE MOB

    carnivore sublime BENIGHTED

    scare force one LORDI

    this is your life TRIBUTE TO DIO

    when greater men have Fallen PRIMORDIAL

    human contradiction DELAIN

    manslaughter BODY COUNT

    the life and time of scrogues TUOMAS HOLOPAINEN

    last act of defiance SICK OF IT ALL

    delivering the black PRIMAL FEAR

    magic mountain BLACK STONE CHERRY

    ultimatum ADX

    Kings of metal 2014 MANOWAR

    no place for disgrace 2014 FLOTSAM AND JETSAM

    rock'nroll secours 2014 VULCAIN

    back from beyond MASSACRE

    outsider URIAH HEEP

    l'epreuve du contraire LOFOFORA

    babymetal BABYMETAL

    kindly bent to free us CYNIC

    vigorous and liberation death IMPALED NAZARENE

    tibi et igni VADER

    the sun will rise again LOUDNESS

    esoteric warfare MAYHEM

    blood for blood HELLYEAH

    dirges of elysium INCANTATION

    return of the reaper GRAVE DIGGER

    Sunset on the golden age ALESTORM

    rise of the damnation army SKID ROW

    massive cauldron of chaos 1349

    slaves to the grave RIGOR MORTIS

    unleash the fire RIOT V

    the heart of the matter TRIOSPHERE

    surgical remission/surplus steel CARCASS

    striden hus TAKKE

    maximum overload DRAGONFORCE

    the serpent and the sphere AGALLOCH

    ruining lives PRONG

    be all end all MANES

    pure heavy AUDREY HORNE

    the great divide ALLEN/LANDE

    the story we can tell MR BIG


    the killing gods MISERY INDEX

    california breed CALIFORNIA BREED

    the flesh prevails FALLUJAH


    the joy of motion ANIMAL AS LEADERS

    endless river PINK FLOYD

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