Hello, i'm looking for this book on wattpad. Its a BL love story and short story. Can someone help me remember thr title of this book?

The story is about a main character (asian or half-asian) who was in live with his best friend but he is now marrying a woman. The little brother of the best friend was in love with the main caracter. They start to have a friends with benifits relationship type at first.

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  • il y a 4 mois

    Hello. I'm looking for a short story on Wattpad. It's a bad luck story. Does anyone know the title of this book ?

    The story's main character (Asian or half Asian) was in love with his best friend ; but is now going to marry a woman. His best friend's little brother was in love with the main character. They begin as friends ; then go into a relationship

    • Neilil y a 4 moisSignaler

      Le petit frère de son meilleur ami était amoureux du personnage principal. Ils commencent comme des amis ; puis entrent dans une relation

  • il y a 4 mois

    Pas compris ce qui est indiqué!

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