Quels sont vos albums metal/hard rock préférés de 1985?

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  • il y a 7 mois
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    afterburner ZZ TOP

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  • il y a 7 mois

    je n'écoutais pas ça à cette époque. Sauf un peu d'AC/DC

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  • il y a 7 mois

    Je poste une liste où vous pouvez choisir

    hell awaits SLAYER

    killing is my business MEGADETH

    theatre of pain MOTLEY CRUE

    metal heart ACCEPT

    helloween HELLOWEEN

    under lock and key DOKKEN

    invasion of your privacy RATT

    sacred heart DIO

    fly on the wall AC/DC

    spreading the disease ANTHRAX

    the last command WASP

    marching out YNGWIE MALMSTEEN

    asylum KISS

    done with mirrors AEROSMITH

    thunder in the east LOUDNESS

    78OO farheneit BON JOVI

    bonded by blood EXODUS

    feel the fire OVERKILL

    into mega therion CELTIC FROST

    endless pain KREATOR

    seven churches POSSESSED

    metal church METAL CHURCH

    we care a lot FAITH NO MORE

    speak english or die SOD

    I am the night PANTERA

    innocence is no excuse SAXON

    branded and exiled RUNNING WILD

    we have arrived DARK ANGEL

    power from hell ONSLAUGHT

    no stranger to danger LAAZ ROCKIT

    possessed VENOM

    bestial devastation SEPULTURA

    in the sign of evil SODOM

    infernal overkill DESTRUCTION

    skeptics apocalypse AGENT STEEL

    fear of tomorrow ARTILLERY

    running wild GIRLSCHOOL

    satan jokers III SATAN JOKERS

    desperado VULCAIN

    ninja club BLUE OYSTER CULT

    open the gates MANILLA ROAD

    raging violence HIRAX

    power of the night SAVATAGE

    come out and play TWISTED SISTER

    long live the load EXCITER

    the spectres within FATES WARNING

    soldiers Under command STRYPER

    delirious nomad ARMORED SAINT

    hellbound WARLOCK

    the return BATHORY

    emperor's return CELTIC FROST

    pentagram PENTAGRAM

    fight to survive WHITE LION

    dealing with it DRI

    power and pain WHIPLASH

    power Windows RUSH

    stay hard RAVEN

    waiting for the roar FASTWAY

    the skull TROUBLE

    witchhunter GRAVE DIGGER

    frankenchrist DEAD KENNEDYS

    horror epics EXPLOITED

    execution ADX

    désir de vampyr BLASPHEME

    love THE CULT

    back to attack GRAVESTONE

    you can't have it all CHROME MOLLY

    hallow's victim SAINT VITUS

    hear'n'aid HEAR'N'AID

    Victory VICTORY

    soldiers of the night VICIOUS RUMORS

    afterburner ZZ TOP

  • Anonyme
    il y a 7 mois

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  • Anonyme
    il y a 7 mois

    Y a-t-il eu un album de Survivor, réduit injustement à l'oeil du tigre et au feu?!

    Oui, je ne connais pas bien l'autre chanson Mais on restreint trop à de duo musical!

    • grosobusil y a 7 moisSignaler

      non pas en 1985 mais en 1986 when seconds count.Par contre ils sortent le single" burning heart" BO de rocky IV en 1985

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