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Quels sont vos albums metal/hard rock préférés de 2009?

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  • il y a 6 mois
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    liebe ist fur alle da RAMMSTEIN

    trop déçu par l'évolution de WASP, SLAYER ou SEPULTURA.

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    il y a 6 mois

    Le lundi au soleil !

  • Anonyme
    il y a 6 mois

    Aucun je n'aime pas le metal/hard rock

  • il y a 6 mois


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  • il y a 6 mois

    Je poste une liste où vous pouvez choisir

    endgame MEGADETH

    black clouds and silver linings DREAM THEATER

    world painted blood SLAYER

    the devil you know HEAVEN AND HELL

    black gives way to blue ALICE IN CHAINS

    sonic boom KISS

    hordes of chaos KREATOR

    crack the skie MASTODON

    for who those the gods detest NILE

    liebe ist fur alle da RAMMSTEIN

    no sacrifice no victory HAMMERFALL

    the root of all evil ARCH ENEMY

    american soldier QUEENSRYCHE

    babylon WASP

    into the labyrinth SAXON

    wrath LAMB OF GOD

    design your universe EPICA

    dominator UDO

    pray for villains DEVILDRIVER

    winter songs halford III HALFORD

    thunder in the sky MANOWAR

    a.lex SEPULTURA

    time waits for no slaves NAPALM DEATH

    darkest day OBITUARY

    all shall fall IMMORTAL

    evisceration plague CANNIBAL CORPSE

    death magic doom CANDLEMASS

    16.6 before the devil knows you're dead PRIMAL FEAR

    polaris STRATOVARIUS

    evangelion BEHEMOTH

    days of grays SONATA ARTICA

    last look at eden EUROPE

    the circle BON JOVI

    necropolis VADER

    faith divides us death unites us PARADISE LOST

    extreme taste of divinity HYPOCRISY

    defiance DESTROYER 666

    terroreign IMPIETY

    evolution through revolution BRUTAL TRUTH

    skeletons in the closet CHILDREN OF BODOM

    massive agressive MUNICIPAL WASTE

    great misdirect BETWWEN THE BURIED AND ME

    deathalbum II DEATHKLOK

    wormwood MARDUK

    hatebreed HATEBREED

    for the lions HATEBREED

    strange cousins from the west CLUTCH

    resurrection macabre PESTILENCE



    the infection CHIMAIRA

    shallow life LACUNA COIL

    the end high of low MARYLIN MANSON

    chickenfoot CHICKENFOOT


    night is a new day KATATONIA

    from hell to texas NASHVILLE *****

    quantos possunt ad satanitatem GORGOROTH

    angelo pro exuro eternae DARK FUNERAL

    archangel in black ADAGIO

    stan jokers 2009 SATAN JOKERS

    fetish x STAN JOKERS

    from chaos BLACK BOMB A

    absu ABSU

    hour of despair SOLITUDE AETURNUS

    play my game TIM RIPPER OWENS

    killswitch engage KILLSWITCH ENGAGE

    blood oath SUFFOCATION

    descent into depravity DYING FETUS

    walking into nightmares WARBRINGER

    fear no evil DORO

    the visitor UFO

    ballad of a hangman GRAVE DIGGER

    age of aquarius REVOLUTION RENAISSANCE

    saurian exorcism KARL SANDERS

    mudvayne MUDVAYNE

    death to all NECROPHOBIC

    skyphorger AMORPHIS

    feel the steel STEEL PANTHER

    infini VOI VOD

    the prophecy DEFIANCE

    el rostro de la muerte HIRAX

    axe to fall CONVERGE

    takes frm the grave in space GAMA BOMB

    spirit back JORN

    from afar ENSIFERUMµ

    unborn again WHIPLASH

  • il y a 6 mois

    L'acier trempé

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