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Quels sont vos albums metal/hard rock préférés de 2010?

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    sitra ahra THERION

    7th symphony APOCALYPTICA

    coat of arms SABATON

    poseidon DAGOBA (parce qu'ils sont de Marseille)

    abrahadabra DIMMU BORGIR

    Très scandinave, cette fois !

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  • il y a 1 an

    Je poste une liste où vous pouvez choisir

    final frontier IRON MAIDEN

    scream OZZY OSBOURNE


    blood of the nations ACCEPT

    7 sinners HELLOWEEN

    diamond eyes DEFTONES

    iron bound OVERKILL

    remember who u are KORN

    a thousand suns LINKIN PARK

    this world is yours MOTORHEAD

    slash SLASH

    relentless retribution DEATH ANGEL

    to the metal GAMMA RAY

    annihilator ANNIHILATOR

    atrocity exhibition exhibit B EXODUS

    made of metal HALFORD

    in war and pieces SODOM

    edge of time BLIND GUARDIAN


    audio secrecy STONE SOUR

    hellbility de luxe 2 ROB ZOMBIE

    sting in the tail SCORPIONS

    no guts no glory AIRBOURNE

    darkly venus aversa CRADLE OF FILTH

    mechanize FEAR FACTORY

    omega wave FORBIDDEN


    circle the wagons DARKTHRONE

    abrahadabra DIMMU BORGIR

    evolution of chaos HEATHEN

    volume XIV TANKARD

    imperfect harmonies SERJ TANKIAN

    a frozen tears of angel RHAPSODY OF FIRE

    omen SOULFLY

    angel of babylon AVANTASIA

    order of the black BLACK LABEL SOCIETY

    the guessing game CATHEDRAL

    charred wall of the damned CHARRED WALL OF THE DAMNED

    axioma ethica odinis ENSLAVED

    individuous dominion MALEVOLENT CREATION

    lawless darkness WATAIN

    epigenesis MELECHESH

    never ending day of warriors ORPHANED LAND

    the clans will rise again GRAVE DIGGER

    epistera daimones TRIPTYKON

    strings to a web RAGE

    battle hymn MMCI MANOWAR

    poetry for the poison KAMELOT

    aqua ANGRA

    poseidon DAGOBA

    women and children last MURDERDOLLS

    infestation RATT

    briser le silence BLASPHEME

    rock the block KROKUS

    demonoir 1349

    terreur ADX

    jupiter ATHEIST

    belus BURZUM

    twilight dementia DRAGONFORCE

    black masses ELECTRIC WIZARD

    days of defiance FIREWIND

    hammer of the north GRAND MAGUS

    road of the octagon IMPALED NAZARENE

    obsidian CONSPIRACY

    graveyrd classics III SIX FEET UNDER

    option paralysis DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN

    majesty and decay IMMOLATION

    heaven's venom KATAKLYSM

    dio JORN

    pentagrammaton ENTHRONED

    this is heavy metal LORDI

    after ISHAN


    la raza ARMORED SAINT

    pandemonium PRETTY MAIDS

    king of pain LOUDNESS

    coat of arms SABATON

    deep blue PARKWAY DRIVE

    the panic brodcoast SOILWORK

    stampede HELLYEAH

    7th symphony APOCALYPTICA

    asylum DISTURBED

    beyond hell/above Heaven VOLBEAT

    sitra ahra THERION

    static impulse JAMES LABRIE

    there is a hell, Believe me I see it……. BRING ME THE HORIZON

    black swans and wormhole wizards JOE SATRIANI

    empire MADBALL

    relentless YNGWIE MALMSTEEN

    hailstorm ROSS THE BOSS

    the showdown ALLEN/LANDE

    based on a true story SICK OF IT ALL

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  • il y a 1 an

    gangnam style

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  • il y a 1 an

    Moi depuis Master of Puppets de Metallica, je n'évolue plus. C'était 1990 quelque chose comme ça

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