Knee Replacement Pain Killer - Length?

My supervisor told me today that she think that her friend who had a Knee Replacement in October is addicted to Vicodin. She said the doctor is refusing to give her the Vicodin or something equal because he thinks she should be ok without pain killers. From what I hear 4 months is not a very long time for recovery for knee replacement. Withholding a strong enough pain killer seems evil. I've been told I need KR, I don't care if I get hooked, if I am in pain, I want relief and advil just don't seem strong enough.

He's refusing her a strong enough pain killer, saying he is weining her off the meds, what about weining her off the pain, then she won't need the meds.

What do you think.

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  • il y a 7 ans
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    i;m sure she had lots of knee pain before her surgery

    yes, knee surgery is bad, but being on vicodin is also not a good idea.

    doctor is right, its time for her to deal with left over pain, its been too long.

    try alternative, like acupuncture

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  • il y a 7 ans

    Hi I had my left knee replaced in September 2010 that knee recovered in 3 weeks I had no pain. If I felt any twinges I would walk it off and that works. In January 2011 I had my other knee done. That knee was in so much more pain from the start. I was in 2 different rehabs and was in terrible pain through both the doctors checked for clots but I had none so I went home and just tried to deal with it. I recently went to a different surgeon and he xrayed the leg. Well, the knee is dislocated and the bone is infected. After treatment with antibiotics I will have to go through another replacement of the knee. If she is in such pain have her doctor xray it to check for dislocation. Next have the doctor use an ultrasound to see if there is any fluid build up(if there is it needs to be drained and cultured) and a blood test to see if infection is present in the body. If everything checks out then maybe your friend may want to do as the doctor says and be weaned off the drugs.

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  • il y a 4 ans

    Go see a chiropractor. I had knee pain. The orthopedic medical professional said i surely need surgical procedure and i would be in a cast for 10 weeks. However first take these ache killers. Then a buddy said go see a chiropractor first to get a 2nd opinion. So i went the chiropractor. She massaged my spine and gave me extremely sound on my knee. I went for a few days and the suffering in my knee went away completely. The orthopedic simply wanted to generate income.

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  • Paimon
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    il y a 7 ans

    i think people are way too reliant on meds

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