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How should i design my bathroom?

I Just moved houses and my bedroom has a bathroom in it and its so cool but its empty so i have some questions! x

#1:What color should i paint the walls?

#2:What should like the theme be?

#3:What items should i have in the bathroom?

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    Well I have a beach themed bathroom.

    1) blue (ocean blue)

    2) beach

    3) maybe seashells and beachy stuff like beach tissue boxes (cheesy) ect.

  • il y a 8 ans

    Pinterest has some great ideas. You could have the bathroom match the bedroom, or it could be totally different. It's up to you. Beach themes are totally overused so I'd stray from that, but a classy gray with a nice accent color (your favorite color) could really help you decide a theme and items that go inside it. You could experiment with different wall fixtures, colored hand towels, diy projects, or really anything. The possibilities are endless. You could hit up some thrift stores or garage sales and look for old, small chandeliers that you could spray paint your accent color.

    My room is light gray, dark gray, with magenta accents. personally think it would be a lovely bathroom color scheme.

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