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Why do our adult children hate us, resent us, refuse to share & blame us parents for all misfortunes?

Why do adult kids blame their parents for their financial problems?

Why do they say we are old and stupid?

Why are the parents dreams and hopes and goals ... silly and worthless ... yet at the same time, adult children expect their parents to come up with vast fortunes of money?

Why do we suffer belittlement in our senior years, if, we do not have assets to give?

Why do these adults expect so much from their parents yet refuse to share or assist in the inherited financial gain that these people expect to get gifted to them?

For instance ... the family home ...?

Who thinks it is a bit much to expect from another human being?

Is it just us ... in the modern world who suffer this pressure from our offspring?

Why do we allow our children to snarl and hiss over our assets or our money and why do we, as parents, owe these people our lives unto death?

Quality of life?

It seems to me that these adult children absolutely hate and begrudge their own parents having even a house to live in yet they want the same thing themselves.

Are you at risk of being a homeless person as your adult kids call you a fool for trying to successfully achieve a humble lifestyle ...?

The older we get ... the more stupid we are and as our eyes grow dim, we are laughed at and ridiculed for being human ... we get old ... we become worthless and no more than a burden unless we have managed to build a bank account to keep those kids respecting us ... otherwise we are just old people and they do not want us around ... do they?

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  • Dawn
    Lv 4
    il y a 4 ans

    great question I don't think there is a definitive one size fits all answer for this. I think finances and estates should be settled before someone takes this burden on themselves. The person who cares for the elder should be compensated, if there is anything of value left. Personally, I am old fashioned. I will bear the burden of caring for my parents up to the point that their financial issues do not affect my personal credit rating and means in general, but I don't need much. Edit: I know someone, Joanne who is in herlate 80s and feels the same way as you. She wants to remain independent from her children and is still able and willing to work and does. She and her kids are satisfied. However, in the instance that she becomes unable to live on her own, I can't see why in the world her four children wouldn't "bear the burden" for her care. They are able bodied and their kids are grown and out of the house. However Joanne might have other ideas. They just have to see what works best for their family.

  • Jeff
    Lv 4
    il y a 8 ans

    I'm sorry that this seems to be the case in your situation. Don't know of anytime in history where this hasn't happened. As the population grows with every generation it seems to be more prevalent because there are simply more people. It's basically greed and our systems today make it easier for the younger generation to just live off the system. They don't want to work. They want it easy and don't want the responsibly of taking care of aging parents without getting something in return. Economic times are hard and many of the aging poor are left in nursing homes to just fade away. If it makes you feel better I do know many young adults who will do anything they can for their aging parents. When a hospital was ready to let a man die after a stroke his son was at his side every day after work to force feed his dad water and food. He spent almost a year doing what the hospital would not and paid the medical bills. His dad got better and lived 3 years happy to just see his son everyday. All this time his son was battling cancer himself. After his dad finally passed a year later his son lost his battle with cancer. I am very proud to have known this man. I could tell you other similar accounts of sons and dauthers who will do anything to help there parents whatever the cost. I do see your point but I prefer the brighter side. I don't know the actual percentage of adult children who are like this, but I see more who aren't. I don't know your situation but I pray it improves. Take care of yourself and what you can't change you have to accept. Wishing you the best.

  • Bridge
    Lv 7
    il y a 8 ans

    The Baby Boom generation set the stage for this disaster with today's adult children. Now we have to live with the mess we made. We threw away most of the wisdom of the older generations and spoiled our children, and this is how it ends up. Some old traditions were in need of change, but not all of them. Some values were vital to hold onto, but we threw them away.

    Not all adult children are like this, and many of them will change as they get older. Often young adults don't mature until about the age of 30. Unfortunately, some will stay narcissistic brats forever,and they will end up reaping destruction and misery.

  • il y a 8 ans

    I bet you anything those adult children you are talking about are only 15-25 years old.

    Its just simply the rebellion stage, their starting to get a mind of their own and think that the way that older people think just doesn't match with their thoughts.

    Its human nature to BLAME for unfortunate events. If theres soda on the floor, normally the first question is 'who did it?' so when kids see that they have no money, not a mansion to live in, no liberty, they blame blame and blame, thats all it is.

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  • Anonyme
    il y a 8 ans

    Uhhhh because you don't teach them discipline and respect, or there just going through puberty, most Teens go through a stage where they are just that: Resentful, Hateful, they try to act like they are superior so you just need to show them who's Boss. But people are Extremely Self Centered that is the nature, you may not feel that way but our instincts are for ourselves, and you can try to be giving and caring, but this new age is going to lead us to our downfall, because every century we lose a bit of our caring and givingness, it is very sad and unfortunate! We are even forced to only care for ourselves soon that's all we will be able to do!

  • K M T
    Lv 7
    il y a 8 ans

    Because the children have been brought up to be selfish and self centred...they think everyone should respect them without giving it in return.

    Unless parents teach their children to be considerate from a young age then this attitude will be the end of Society as we have known it.

  • Anonyme
    il y a 8 ans

    Because they failed to achieve success and can't accept the truth.

    If you want something in life go fight for it and achieve it. Blaming your parents will not help in any case.

  • Anonyme
    il y a 8 ans

    Cry me a river. Maybe you were a terrible parent. You seem obsessed with money, so I'm guessing you cared more about money than about showing your kids love, and now they just don't care about you.

    Lv 6
    il y a 8 ans

    take your money and go to costa rica forget about the ungrateful and breathe relax and be happy life is short

  • il y a 8 ans

    because once they move out they no longer appreciate you raising them and stuff. but im sure they still love you. they probably are very stressed by their own problems and their taking it out on you which is wrong

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