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mliz55 a posé la question dans Politics & GovernmentLaw Enforcement & Police · il y a 8 ans

Why don't the police use hand held metal detectors for "Stop and Frisk"?

It is less personally invasive, and should lead to fewer lawsuits, than hands on frisking.

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  • Darin
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    il y a 8 ans
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    Because there are a lot of weapons that would not set off the detector. For example an officer I work with was stabbed in the face with a plastic bic pen while getting the guy out of the back of the squad to place him in handcuffs.

    Plus, metal detectors are not 100% and I won't bet my life on a piece of equipment that is prone to fail.

    Source(s) : 8 yr police veteran
  • il y a 8 ans

    I would guess that there are too many innocent items that will set it off such as pocket change

  • il y a 8 ans

    either way its a fourth amendment violation

  • il y a 8 ans

    come on kid,be real. IDIOT.

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