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I often dream about being somewhere like a beach or just a place with sand all over,no cement and each time i put my fingers through the sand the come out with money...coins...

everytime,sometimes more and sometimes less money but i find money and collect them....

i have had this dreams many times like last night again,now i wonder what that can mean???

i googled but no answer to this dream.can anyone help?

i am going to be 30 years in a week,mother of a child,single.no real emotional worries right now.

what can it mean this same dreams many times????

thank you all

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    Dreams come from our subconscious. Hidden somewhere in the memory bank of your brain is the desire to get easy access to money. The sand is an indication that there is money available, but you must find it, because it is buried from your view. You have to search. Obviously when you go looking for it, the task does not appear difficult. It will be found. This dream could be "only a dream" maybe something that you actually wished for as a child. However, it could be that you are one of those people who has the ability to make everything you touch turn into money. It might be worth your while to look at possible money making ventures, and without getting too far into the unknown, you could try something small to see if it actually does turn into a profitable business. If so, you might be wise to gradually step into something bigger. Could it be that every time you put your hand into the sand, it comes out with money in it? Remember me when you get more than you need. LOL. Good luck.

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    il y a 5 ans

    could mean anything.you can easily decode it yourself.all you have to think about is what hapend to you that day or the period before the dream.try and think of what particular worries you have on your mind:fears,unresolved questions or something alike. maybe you've learned something that made you change your perspective on your life,yourself or your family. *the size of your house could mean you feel the need for improvement.you need a change,something to take you to a different level.think of the house as of yourself,your reflection:you dream of it to be larger. ?ask yourself a question:did that huge house felt familiar,safe,proud(so it's something you want,uncosciously need) or did make you feel uneasy or strange(you fear change as something iminent)? *I believe the word "change"is the explanation,also because of the sand.you need action.maybe you have to change your home,your job or your attitude,but you certainly fear threatened by stagnation.you don't act,you get "swallowed",suffocated.it just takes away your freedom. +the Earth:once again,the broad perspective.you're sorrounded by somehow familiar people,but looking at the rest of the world,all the other places and people you don't know. +the camera.it takes 12 batteries to work.loads of energy involved!this camera is your own perspective,your eyes.the whole world too see ,so many things to do and that's a serious thing that requires all your resourses. the last argument:you see the Earth twice.you might be aware that this new and important undertaking(whatever that is)might fail.but you are ready to try again,even if it's not going to be easy. i'm not superstitious and don't quite believe in stars. but i strongly believe that our own minds send us signals of our fears or wishes that we're not yet aware of. i don't know anything about you.but if you take your time you'll discover amazing things about yourself. it always works for me. everything has a logical explanation.especialy your mind. have shinny days and sweet dreams! PS:the colours of your room and of the pillows are very lively and usualy enjoyed by energic,optimistic people.it's either that you are this way,or at least presently feel this way,or it's an impulse that you need.

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    Money in dreams typically represents anything that we value in waking life - doesn't literally have to be money. So dreaming of finding money simply suggests that good things have been coming along - i.e. you may be developing something new within yourself, or something may be happening around you that is enjoyable or positive.

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