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We want to store servers in a boiler room?

They are new in the box, we need to store them for about 2 weeks. The temperature in the boiler room is about 95 degrees now, since the boiler does not need to operate much. The servers are about 5 years old. Will this wreck the servers? What about storing old lap tops, will the heat damage them if they are not being used?

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  • il y a 10 ans
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    95 degrees seems a little high to be storing something as important as multiple servers. Also the humidity in the room probably wont help them. Even if they arent running this would be putting them at risk, 2 weeks constantly at 95 degrees could warp the components.

  • il y a 10 ans

    Modern servers can easily handle that temperature contrary to popular belief. Server rooms need not be kept at cold temperatures anymore. I still would not store any electronic equipment in a boiler room because of humidity and vibration.

  • il y a 10 ans

    you should NEVER store electronic in a boiler room, or any room that gets hot. Servers need to be kept cooled.

  • il y a 10 ans

    You'd be hard pressed to come up with a worse place to keep your servers. Totally asinine idea.

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