Knee pain (knee clicking and arthritis?)?

When I was a baby about 18 months old I had an operation on my right knee to remove a cyst. I am now 22 and although I have always had problems with the scar pain when it has been cold (scar goes right across the knee) only recently have I started experiencing a new pain in my knee. It often locks, gives way and if I don't click it it really aches. When I move my knee and I put my hand on it I can feel it grinding. If I stand or keep my knee bent for to long it then starts to ache. Just wondering what it could possibly be. At the age of 22 I am hoping nothing to bad but the surgeon did say I would more than likely develop arthritis in my knee. Does any of this sound like arthritis or something different?

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  • il y a 9 ans
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    A sense of grinding or crunching is most often associated with bone grinding against bone once the cartilage is worn away. This is commonly found in arthritis. Patients who are young (under 50 years old) seldom have arthritis that will cause these severe symptoms, unless there has been a severe injury to the knee in the past.

    Locking can either be due to something actually blocking motion of the knee, or by pain preventing normal knee motion.

    One way to determine if there is something physically blockingwhen a piece of cartilage wedges within the joint) or when pain prevents the patient from moving the knee. These two causes must be differentiated, as something physically caught in the joint should be evaluated in a timely manner. Often injecting the knee with numbing medication can help determine the cause of locking.

    The stability of the knee is provided by the ligaments that connect the shin bone (tibia) to the thigh bone (femur). When the ligaments are stretched or torn, the knee may feel as though it is giving way beneath the patient. A sensation that the knee may give out from beneath you is a common symptom of ligament injury.

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  • il y a 4 ans

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