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In children's literature, I seek the reference to a mention of "cod liver oil"?

For a comparative languages project, I need to find this term in children's literature context, if possible the edition and page number ...

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@@ amphitryon - thanks a lot; with the quotation you gave, it's all right.


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    check out Astrid Lindgren and ''Pippi Longstocking'' (the book) to be more specific. I quote:

    "She had no mother and no father, and that was of course very nice because there was no one to tell her to go to bed just when she was having the most fun, and no one who could make her take cod liver oil when she much preferred caramel candy."

    sorry, can't get my hands on the book right now, to give you a page number. Should be on the web though.

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  • il y a 3 ans

    as i baby my father forced me to take a large style of issues, cod liver via the spoonful, codeine for the trots, vinegar for colds and he used to apply a extensive pin to extract splinters. As a dad he exchange into ok yet as a mentor he exchange into an entire A***, i hated my youthful people because of the fact of him, once I ask him right this moment he denies all awareness and says he in no way inflicted something on me or my 2 brothers yet heh ho, i'm nonetheless alive and that i nonetheless take cod liver oil (yet in pill type)

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  • Anonyme
    il y a 9 ans

    No serious but look at: "HTép livarot-codex"...

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  • Anonyme
    il y a 3 ans

    what ???

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