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How do I replace a few tiles under my bathroom sink?

I had a plumbing repair,and the plumber managed to break some tiles under my sink. I have replacement tiles, but the sub strate behind the tiles is broken as well. Can I just patch it with wall tape and compound, or do I need to patch with wall board. Also what is the best way to make a template for the cuts around the drain pipe?

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    it really depends on the size of the hole..and how many tiles you need to remove ( if any)to start repairs..if the hole is bigger than 1 tile,,you will need to use board,then plaster flat.then all the tiles you can,..(i hope you understand this next bit)..assuming all your tiles r in place,,except the one where the pipe is,,hold a tile on top of the tile directly under the pipe,,slide the tile straight up till it touches the pipe and mark that spot with a the same on the other 3 sides..your tile should have a mark on each edge....draw a straight line from the marks(left to right)(top to bottom).where they intersect is the center of the pipe...hope this helps.

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