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Against teacher certification?

i'm student and they give this me topic to support, i have to support being against teacher certification,i want you to help me with more ideas , thank you.

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    Often, teacher certification has nothing to do with one's ability to teach. I have a multiple-subject and social science credential. I was not an education major, so I took, and passed, the certification test. Both were basically trivia tests - Jeopardy from h-e-double-toothpicks, if you know what I mean. If I really needed to know any of the information on the test, I could have looked it up. And guess what? Now I'm teaching math and science. No one has ever asked me what I knew about those subjects.

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    Certification and education are part of the reason teaching is considered a profession instead of a job like witnessing. I wouldn't want to take that away.

    That's not an answer to your question, but sometimes you can use the other side's point of view in this type of assignment.

    Good Luck

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    i will debate for certification and that i replaced into on the controversy group so i comprehend possible continuously debate against something, i'm going to objective: college tiers are too ordinary to get carry of to alter right into a instructor, so they do no longer % certification and a level The exams one has to take as quickly as they earn their degree , those exams are too difficult and so instructors who won't be able to bypass those exams are not qualified, yet they're nonetheless stable instructors and characteristic the right college education instructors who instruct kindergarten age babies do no longer could desire to have a school degree/certification to instruct kindergarten matters. we live in a small city out interior the sticks and we gained't discover any qualified instructors to come back instruct our small ok-8 college, won't be able to we please have a non-qualified guy or woman instruct us so we are able to have college ? Our city is decrease off from transportation, so no qualified instructor ought to come instruct us, we ought to hire somebody who's already right here and could do the interest with out certification My babies went to a private college the place they do no longer require certification and that they have got been given a far extra effective education there because of fact the scholars have been properly behaved and extra replaced into discovered

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    One of the aims of the certification is to increase teachers' professionalism. I doubt that this program can increase teachers' professionalism because the teachers are only assessed through their Portfolio. The method of assessing teachers’ portfolios has low level of validity in assessing teachers’ professionalism because the performance in the classroom is not assessed.

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