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Against teacher certification?

i'm student and they give this topic to support, i have to support being against teacher certification,i want you to help me with more ideas , thank you.

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    Do you mean certification or qualification?

    Qualification is vital. At the end of the day, a teacher needs to know their subject matter and how to communicate their knowledge.

    Certification is another matter. For example, certification with the Institute for Learning is now compulsory for all FE teachers in England.

    It is a meaningless process that does nothing to help the teacher, and simply gives them more paperwork and deadlines to meet. If your employer won't sponsor you, then it is also another expense.

    If I sound cynical it because I have just had to complete this year's certification. It has been a pain in the proverbial, taking up time I could have used more constructively, it has not contributed in any way to my ability or experience as a teacher, but I can now stick the letters MIfL after my name. Great. I already have more letters after my name than there are in my name! Whoopy Do!

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