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against teacher certification?

i'm student and they give this topic to support, i want you to help me with more ideas , thank you.

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    The answers are correct your topic sentence or hypothesis is not very well stated ... the argument against "teacher certification" comes from two sources: homeschoolers who are required in certain states to have a certification before they are to teach their own children and those members of society who deem teaching to be the field someone goes into because they cannot make it in a "meaningful" field, as finance, medicine, law, government, industry, etc.

    All states require all "public school" teachers to be certified (in this regard Wendy B is incorrect) and the reasoning is simple. By being certified or licensed as in the case of a physician, nurse, psychiatrist, lawyer, engineer, etc. you have demonstrated you are able to function at the lowest acceptable level.

    In order for your argument to "be against teacher certification" you need to address 3 things: 1) why teachers should not be certified, 2) flaws within the certification process, and 3) prove that teacher certification programs in the USA and other "industrialized" countries are invalid in their assessment of teaching as a field necessary to be policed and held to a particular level of ethics and training.

    Hope this helps ...

    Source(s) : Taught teacher certification programs at major university and this question came up every semester ...
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    I can debate for certification and I was on the debate team so I know one can always debate against anything, I'll try:

    college degrees are too easy to obtain to become a teacher, so they don't need certification and a degree

    The tests one has to take after they earn their degree , these tests are too hard and so teachers who can't pass these tests aren't certified, but they are still good teachers and have the proper college education

    Teachers who teach kindergarten age kids do not have to have a college degree/certification to teach kindergarten subjects.

    We live in a small town out in the sticks and we can't find any certified teachers to come teach our small k-8 school, can't we please have a non-certified person teach us so we can have school ?

    Our city is cut off from transportation, so no certified teacher could come teach us, we need to hire someone who is already here and can do the job without certification

    My children went to a private school where they do not require certification and they got a much better education there because the students were well behaved and more was learned

    Source(s) : certified teacher, playing the opposite role for debate ;)
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    Teachers in Texas Catholic schools do not have to be certified yet the dropout rate is less than 2% and 90% or more go on to college. However this year (2009) Texas public schools where all teachers MUST be certified turned out to have the highest dropout rate in the nation!

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    You're not communicating very well.

    You are supposed to support being against something ??

    Proof-read what you wrote, take a deep breath, and rewrite it more clearly with details.

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    Not very clear,what does teacher certification mean?

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