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how make my baby sleep in her bed?

8 weeks old and never spent a night in her bed.

i breastfeed and papa was on a working trip so i let her sleep with me.But he's back now and whatever i do:

- put something i wore in her crib to smell me

-talk to her

-let her cry



whatever i do she will only cry and shout the whole night through(last time until 3 am) till i carry her in our bed and then she sleeps.

although her bed is our bedroom she won't sleep in it!

and when i put her asleep in it,she will wake up max. 5min later.

i am desperate,please help me!

own experiences & solutions????

what else can i do?

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    I start by sleeping with my newborn and once he is deep asleep... I take him in his bed! Sneaky but it works and he is getting used to it.

    Otherwise make sure she is warm enough, place a hot water bottle in her bed before you take her there

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    Continue co-sleeping as it's obviously the only remedy right now. You can push your bed up against the wall and have your little girl sleep between you and the wall if you're worried about Daddy rolling over.

    If her crib is a drop down style you can also wheel it up to beside your bed and put her in that with the side down so you're still able to snuggle her. They also make something called the Arms Reach co-sleeper, look into that. If you haven't tried swaddling I would try that as well.

    I wouldn't let her cry at this age, though. She's too young for that and cannot self soothe yet which is what babies need in order to fall asleep on their own.

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    My son slept really well in a bassinet in our room for his first three weeks. He nursed to sleep then I put him down in his own bed. At three weeks old he started into exactly what you are talking about and I also tried almost everything you did. I just had to wait for him to grow out of it. My husband slept on a twin bed next to our queen bed where me and our son slept. I would nurse my son to sleep on one side of the bed then roll away from him so we could both have our sleeping space. He grew out of it around 4 months. You can try swaddling but it may and may not work.

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    have you tried to burp her after she gets up. Rock her back to sleep, place her back into the crib. Personally I had my babies in bassinets until 5 months, I tried to put them in the crib, but I think they felt lonely in the openess, I tried to put blankets all along the length of the crib to make the crib seem smaller, it seemed to work, but I crashed and co slept.

    It takes dilegence, just keep doing it. Oh and they have those sleep positioners, maybe that would make her feel warm and snug in the crib.

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    i have the same problem with my son since the night he was born. for now, co-sleeping is our only option. otherwise we will all be miserable from lack of sleep. i've tried swaddling, putting him to sleep in his bassinet after he is already sleeping, rocking, swinging, singing, pushing the bassinet up to the side of my bed, music, lights, scents, etc. maybe one of those will work for you? otherwise it looks like we are just going to tough it out and wait for them to outgrow it. keep heavy blankets away from the baby at night though. good luck :)

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    I suggest swaddeling her and rocking her to sleep and then placing her in her crib. If she crys, do this again till she has it down. If you are co-sleeping, make sure she is in a co-sleeping bed, so you don't squash her.

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