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Nicknames for Sophia Elie?

Nicknames for Sophia Elie?

I know "Sophie", but i like something more personal,everyone know Sophie from sophia.A short cute nickname for my darling baby.it must not necessary derive from Sophia or elie, i just look for a nice sweet cute play-name,nickname for her.Please help

Something original...


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    I like Sophia but not Elie

    Change into Sophia Elle or Ella

    Too Sweet!


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  • Nina
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    il y a 1 décennie

    What about Fee or Fia (Phia) or Lia




    Solie << So from sophia and Lie from Elie

    Phia lee


    Hope i helped

  • il y a 1 décennie

    Soaf (like soap but with an f)


    I have a friend names Sophie that we call Soaf (Sof).....and a friend named Felicity that has the nickname Fee (Fi)

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  • il y a 1 décennie

    Elle....or LieLei. Pronounced Leelee

  • il y a 1 décennie

    Sophia > Sophie > Soapy > Bubbles!! :]

  • il y a 1 décennie

    Soph? that's what my sis gets called and sounds more cute and personal than Sophia.

    Or Elsie?...you add the 's' from sophia onto Elie to make it Elsie! =)

  • il y a 1 décennie

    My friends sister is called Sophia. Her nickname went from:

    Sophie>Soph>Loph>Lopha (pronounced Lofa).

  • il y a 1 décennie

    I really like Elie. Or Cutie?

  • Sammii
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  • il y a 1 décennie

    Why not just Elie? I think that is super cute!

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