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I kneed help finding pain killers ?

is there a good site that list all the pain killers from A-Z I try google it but I was not able 2 find anything. I am trying 2 find out about cobonox or some weird name like that. my dentist gave it 2 me but while I wait 4 it 2 be filled I wanted 2 do some research on it and I forgot what the real name is but I do think it's something like cobonox or at least I hope I got it close any answers 2 a good site would help out.

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    i would try or go to google and search pdr (physicians desk reference). a pdr will generally have all medications listed and the side effects of them. hope this helps!

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    go see a chiropractor. i had knee pain. the orthopedic surgeon said i absolutely need surgery and i would be in a cast for 10 weeks. but first take these pain killers. then a friend said go see a chiropractor first to get a second opinion. so i went the chiropractor. She massaged my spine and gave me ultra sound on my knee. I went for a few days and the pain in my knee went away completely. the orthopedic just wanted to make money.

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    Your best bet is to either call or go to a pharmacy and ask the pharmacist about what the medication is and what it does. You don't have to get it filled in order to ask the pharmacist a question.

    As to your spelling- nothing showed up under that name.

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    Go to WEB MD and look for either the pdr or look under medication list..or you can try their search..Web

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