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Will you accept a few words in French?

I just wanted to say "Merci du fond du coeur" (Thank you from the bottom of my heart) for choosing Barack Obama. You couldn't know how much I've been missing you, America. Welcome back in my dreams, and good luck.

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From a French citizen

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  • il y a 1 décennie
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    Vous êtes bienvenu, il est gentil d'avoir un certain changement de l'Amérique. (You are welcome, it is nice to have some change in America)

    Source(s) : From an American
  • il y a 1 décennie

    "Imagine there's no heaven

    It's easy if you try

    No hell below us

    Above us only sky

    Imagine all the people

    Living for today... "

    I want to share with you the joy to have elected obama

    it's a great day for the world

    yes we can !!!!

    Source(s) : from a french citizen
  • il y a 1 décennie

    yeah i think the whole world is happy about this. america lost its value and worth with bush, and now it's going to change!!!

  • il y a 1 décennie


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