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hi i'am Amadou B and i wanna know who will win the uefa?

who do you think is gonna win the uefa soccer champion the manchester united or the chelsea

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  • Anonyme
    il y a 1 décennie
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    Manchester United is the best English team ever (okay Liverpool isn’t bad neither). Chelsea is just a team built thanks to money… No reason to support a team like Chelsea. So yeah I hope Manchester United will win. Excuse my English.

  • il y a 1 décennie

    Hi amadou, i think that Chelsea will win the eufa, because they want it more than Mu, 2-1 for chelsea

  • Rodica
    Lv 7
    il y a 1 décennie

    En français s'il vous plaît!

  • Anonyme
    il y a 1 décennie

    Hi Amadou B.

    As a gunners fan, I don't like Chelski really. So, I hope 4 Man U.

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