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Nathan K a posé la question dans Musique, ciné, tv, loisirsMusiquePop-Rock · il y a 1 décennie

Translation of a popular French song ?

Pardonnez-moi que je parle anglais mais ...

Does anyone know where I could find a translation (English) of a popular French song, "Carpe Diem" by Aldebert ?

I'm very curious on what the lyrics for this song are, for various reasons. I tried finding the English lyrics but have failed. I tried translating it with Babel but of course, that is almost completely useless.

Anyone willing to take the daunting task of translating (or explaining the idea of the song) ? ;)

The lyrics can be found at:



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  • il y a 1 décennie
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    First, my translation:

    « Dead Poets Society » (the film) played on the third channel yesterday evening.

    She had written on her suede pencil case with her Tipp-Ex corrector « Carpe Diem ».

    I remember the girl for who I moved from my place to another (in the classroom) and who teached me humility, the girl who would have been chosen by other pupils as their representative (In the french school system, one or 2 pupils are elected by their classmates to represent them during the recurrent meetings of parents and teachers)

    But she was the new girl arriving at our school by the middle of the year,

    Fatal, (just to mean it is hard to be a new comer at school)

    because her parents had to move from their native Finistere. (far west of Bretagne/Brittany)

    Her name was Marie, Martine, Isabelle or Solange

    with a funny accent, and weird sayings;

    the girl coming from far away, how exotic that was, had sown panic in our class. ( 3e5 is the name of the class, 3e is the level when you’re usually 14-15, and 5 is the number of the class… that is typical of French schools…)

    CHORUS: It’s a high school love,

    a ghost from the past,

    that comes back to your mind while you’re having breakfast,

    a high school icon.

    Time is out of control, Time takes back what it sowed.

    Carpe Diem

    With my candy heart and my blackheads/acne,

    I tried my best to be sentimental,

    I can remember myself, the hormones boiling, sweating because of my anorak, very uncomfortable (the image used here is as comfortable as a fish in the air) declaiming, as Cyrano (very famous hero of the book by Edmond Rostand) suffering from stage fright: “could I borrow your Tipp-ex please?”

    Then I went ahead and invited her to the best Burger king of the area for a banana milk shake in a big cardboard cup.

    Holding her in my arms while the music of « the Big Blue” (famous French film, “Le Grand Bleu” by Luc Besson) was playing

    Just as in the final scene of “La Boum” (another very famous French film with the actress Sophie Marceau, a very sentimental teenager’s film): you were my Sophie Marceau.

    The divine Britton (the girl from Brittany), with the grace of Venus, had set her heart on me…


    How many times did I picture that film, projecting myself in 2000 :

    I would be a designer or a musician,

    She would be a lawyer and a model too,

    We’d have a big glassed-in house on the seaside

    And a Bernese Moutain puppy

    Golden curly haired kids running in the garden,

    Just like the Ingalls Family (the family in the tv series “Little House on the prairie”) in a less American version….

    and our family would be much better, yeah! So much better!


    Then, a little help to understand:

    This song is about a school girl Aldebert used to love when they were 14-15... This song is aimed at people who are now 25-30 (about the same age as Aldebert) because it contains many references to our teenage (the movies he talks about, and many small details like the suede pencil case that every girl in my generation had)... It's also a song for everyone who ever had a high school lover...

    I hope that helps!

  • il y a 1 décennie

    carpe diem d'aldebert est loin d'etre une chanson très populaire du répertoire français, désolé...

  • il y a 1 décennie

    So... I'm not really good in english (I used to, but... Time goes on...), and my translation will not be really good, but I think i'll do better than google translator or your "babel". I made in parenthesis some notes. And it'll not be a translation word by word, i'll change some of the words to make it understandable:

    "Circle of Lost poets (it was a television programm)

    which was on the third channel last day

    She had written on her "trousse" (where you put pen and pencils) in deer (which is very silk)

    Carpe Diem

    I remember the one who made me changing the place (maybe because he was fond of her) where I sit and learn humility

    she would have win the election of the representative of the classroom with unanimity

    But she was the one who come in the middle of the year

    because her parents had to move

    they quit their native "finistere" (a part of france, in "bretagne").

    Her name was Marie, Martine, Isabelle or Solange

    With a strange accent, strange expressions

    The girl who came from so far, really exotic,

    has make everybody panicked in my classroom (because everybody was fond of her)

    It's a middle school love, a ghost of the past

    who come back at breakfast, a high school idol

    Time (very difficult to translate this expression...) and take back what he "sème" (you know, when you put a seed... you "sème" it)

    Carpe Diem

    With my heart like an artichoke, and my comedones on my front

    I tried as good as i could to act sentimentally

    But my hormones were boiling

    I remember myself sweat, under my vest, at ease like a fish in the air

    When i asked like Cyrano ("Cyrano de Bergerac", in french theater), but really afraid

    "can you lend me your corrector please? ("white" like paint you put on what you write when you make an error)

    So, i took my courage, and invited her

    in the better "quick" (yes! the fast food!)

    like a lord, to drink a banana milk shake

    in big cardboard glass.

    Dancing on the "Grand bleu" song (french movie)

    tighten her in my arms

    last scene of the party: Sophie marceau and me (french actress)

    The Divinity of "Bretagne" (a part of france, like i said before - he talks of her), symbol of venus, the love goddess

    had chosen me (its too complicated to explain exactly)

    It's a middle school love, a ghost of the past

    who come back at breakfast, a high school idol

    Time (very difficult to translate this expression...) and take back what he "sème" (you know, when you put a seed... you "sème" it)

    Carpe Diem

    How many times i made this movie to myself

    thinking about my life in 2000

    I see myself a designer or musician

    she would be an advocate and also top model

    in a big house with big windows in front of water

    with a big dog not really agile (like saint bernard, i think)

    children with blond hair who run in the garden

    like ingals family, but less american (lol, a reference to an american serie called "little house in the prairie")

    And better, and better... yes... Better!

    It's a middle school love, a ghost of the past

    who come back at breakfast, a high school idol

    Time (very difficult to translate this expression...) and take back what he "sème" (you know, when you put a seed... you "sème" it)

    Carpe Diem

    OK, that's it! it took me quite a long for such a medium result, by i hope (i'm not sure of it anymore...) that it will help you better than your traductor. We'll see... Don't forget to vote for me, i think that worth it ;)

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