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mliz55 a posé la question dans Computers & InternetSecurity · il y a 1 décennie

Is this a virus? TR/Pwssnix.A?

I downladed antivir and they found this on my computer and notified me with the question is the trojan horse TR/Pwssnix.A.

shoud I quarantine or what?

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  • il y a 1 décennie
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    JS/PWS-Snix McAfee Scan 5.10.0

    PWS:HTML/Snix Microsoft MP CL 1.2701

    Trojan-PWS.HTML.Snix IKARUS T3SCAN V1.25 T3 V1.01.08

    Trojan.Pwssnix.A SOFTWIN BitDefender BDSCAN 1.01

    VBS/Snix.A Frisk Software FPCMD 4.4.0

    quarantine then delete it.

  • il y a 4 ans


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  • il y a 1 décennie

    it sounds like a fake antivirus to give u viruses i would deleton the antivirus

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