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Best city in the state of Arizona to live in.........for a students...see details?

I'm looking for a city that has low crime rate, good transportation systems and nice weather in the summer (if possible) and nice scenery.

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Don't give attention for the "for a student" part :)

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    this depends on several things.

    if you're looking for lots of job options-then i would stick with places closer to the city of phoenix. places like prescott,payson,flagstaff are pretty small and there aren't many job options.

    for the east valley-chandler,gilbert,awatuhkee, and queen creek are good.

    i live in chandler (next to the mall) and my kids attend a montessori in awatuhkee. i love my neighborhood-it's older (house was built in 86) but i know all of my neighbors and i have yet to see a cop car in the 2 years i've lived there (it's my bf's house-he's lived there for 4 years and no cop issues).

    chandler and gilbert are fast growing (gilbert more) and there are plenty of new houses springing up. schools are decent. i attend church in chandler as well and overall it's been the best place to live for me (i've lived in scottsdale,glendale, and tempe as well).

    queen creek is fairly rural still but there are new houses and stores popping up everywhere!! expect to drive a good 20-30 mins to reach malls or inner city. overall it's safe.

    tempe and mesa are bad overall-tempe is a college town so there is lots of traffic. my townhouse complex was awful due to college parties every weekend-i once had a guy try to kick my door in b/c he was drunk and got my house confused w/his buddie's. this was at 2am and the cops arrested him.

    mesa is ok in minimal parts but most of it is run down and gross.

    west side-surprise,peoria, and some place in glendale (very few) are ok. surprise is your best bet b/c it's newer and there are lots of new houses and business going up.

    the public transit system in az sucks overall. if you can get a car or work close to home-that would be best. nothing is worse than waiting for a bus when it's 115 outside!!

    summer anywhere in az is HOT. even up north the temps are about 95 on average. but the rest of the year is awesome (where else can you swim in october?!!)

    here are some links for you

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    Where are you going to school? There are three universities in AZ. Low crime rate and good summer weather (but snow in the winter) would be Flagstaff. Anywhere else you'll have the heat in the summer. I went to Arizona State, lived about 3 miles away from the school and was able to take the bus to campus. You just learn to deal with the heat, and you're inside most of the time anyway.

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    Prescott and Flagstaff. Prescott is growing rapidly too, the apratments aren't too cheap in Prescott, but in Prescott Valley they are alot cheaper. Prescott has Yavapai college and Bradshaw Mountain High School East (for Freshman only) and Bradshaw Mountain West (For 10 to 12). They have other high schools too, but those are the biggest ones in Prescott. Prescott gets snow and is not as hot as Phoenix, there are some hills, a mall, lot's of places to shop and eat, it's growing. Prescott has a couple of big lakes that freeze during the winter. Flagstaff is higher in elevation therefore it gets more snow then Prescott. It's also known as a college town, you usually see lot's of college students supporting their college NAU sweatshirts walking down the streets. You can't miss the college, I think it has a dome shaped center for performance, not too sure. Flagstaff isn't growing as much as Prescott, it has alot more nature (forests, flowers, creeks). Flagstaff isn't too cheap too. In Flagstaff they have the Snow Bowl where you can ski. Flagstaff is alot cooler (temperature) then Prescott.

    To the person that answered above me, if this person were to choose Phoenix, I would adivse West Phoenix such as Avondale, Litchfield Park, and Palm Valley it is growing very fast the housing is cheap and there are so many schools. It is hot though. And you can't swim in Flagstaff or Prescott in October unless you are in a indoor heated pool.

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    Texas all the way ;) properly theres one billion the rationalization why Texas is greater effective, yet thinking you have 2 teenagers, and money is in all probability a huge ingredient on your record, then i think identity say Texas cuz it hasnt been affected as lots on the different states while it comprises jobs, economics, etc. additionally in Dallas gasoline is approximately $3.89, lots much less then the $4.50 some are paying in California! there is likewise a substantial new Stadium being equipped in Arlington, which skill greater jobs! additionally, they're development an outlet supercenter right here, sort of like those in San Marcos and Hillsboro... so yeah which skill coach and Armani for much less high priced ;)

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    Prescott Arizona a bit boring but better than Phoenix

    I'd like Scottsdale though (Artist) but transportation isn't as good.

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    Flagstaff would be my choice..

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