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Franco-Americans or Francophiles out there : Your thoughts on the French election ?

I think Sarkozy and UMP have made a historic error by taking their program from the extreme-right and using Thatcher, Reagan, Berlusconi and Bush as examples of what needs to be done in France. It's amazing how he's latched on to the Bush legacy--even going to see Bush in Washington to excuse the French for their "arrogance" on Irak. Why he wants to identify with a lame duck has-been is beyond me!

He's just opened the floodgates to allow the centrists to leave form their own party. The third party will likely do well in the legislative elections and leave UMP wondering what hit them.

Royal is also vulnerable: if elected, she will have to deliver on the significant hopes for reform and economic recovery she's built up.

Whatever happens, these French elections are really fascinating, don't you think? The variety of positions, the clash of ideas. Sure beats the populist, opinion-poll and money-driven campaigns the American elections so often become (maybe '08 will be different).

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    I read the same theory here:

    Yes, Sarkozy could never say "No" to Bush. That's the problem. Ségolène Royal would be very difficult for any American President to controle. That is why the neo-conservatives are pushing for Sarkozy.

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    It is fascinating but ud better not believe in all the propaganda we hear these days, especially about Sarkozy.

    The UMP program has nothing to do with the extreme-right. Dont forget that the UMP leader is a pro-european politician and wants to regulate immigration not stop it.

    Royal just doesnt fit for the job, being a woman nowadays is not enough to lead a country.

    Sarkozy has what it takes to bring back France in the game and its all the French need for now.

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    You give an interesting point of view. I'm in Belgium, and as many compatriotes, follow with great interest the debate in France.

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    Les Gauchistes ont appris l'Anglais avec ASSIMIL pendant qu'ils ne bossent pas ;)

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    Tu sent le pseudo nouveau !

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