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On the scale of 1~10 rate yahoo answers?

star if u like***

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    7.5 according to me.

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    il y a 10 ans


    Sorry, I'd like to send to you us translate, but, I have

    to many difficulties with my adsl, so bad, sheet. If you

    understand french, here's the website : as I find it in english, I'll send it to ALL, see you citizens


    Politic of this firm and their chairmen..., fast - 273 ° C

    Like "others" potentates in this stupid

    "world human" world


    Source(s) : humans, for our "Hamsters" on the french website, I'll be more indulgent as one of "them" has "cut" my last question, without explanation(s) So, I wait for it or them. At this time : 0.5/ 10 It's 5 under my last average during a... "sondage débile", what the translation, please ? Citizens, wake up please, there're website on my profile which could interest in YOU so, good surf Human, & sorry for my so bad english language, apologize-me, a french frog for british, see you .....
  • il y a 10 ans

    3. I enjoy many of the questions, but there are too many children without a clue answering them.

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    il y a 10 ans

    7+ on good or bad days ! I like what I like - lol !

  • il y a 10 ans

    a 7 just because i find it fun!

  • il y a 10 ans

    5...on a good day

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