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  • During a divorce and dating?

    What are the ethics around dating when you are separated? If your spouse is living with another person does it justify starting to date? Should it be done before, during or after the divorce?

    5 réponsesMarriage & Divorceil y a 1 décennie
  • Six months of seperation for legal aid for divorce?

    Been seperated for two months and was wondering if I did have to be seperated for six months to get legal aid to file for divorce?

    1 réponseMarriage & Divorceil y a 1 décennie
  • Marriage over, what about custody?

    Three lovely children, precious and innocent. Father wants joint custody but also wants me and the kids to accept his "new love" He left me Sunday because he was "in love" with my brother's wife. Am I wrong to demand that for joint custody she would not have to be around? Is it legal to put such stipulations in divoce papers?

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  • Help me find a movie please?

    Ok, this is racking my brain, back when I was 13-14 I saw a movie and now I cannot remember what the name of it is. It has something "Freaks" or "Freakz" It is about these puppets that get caught by this evil circus, and it is so freaking funny. It has that dude that has the weird voice and he plays the sock puppet. Somehow they are able to us macadamin (sp) nuts to stop the circus leader. I can't remember if they are puppets when they are caught and brought to the circus or if they turn into them because of hte evil circus leader. Oh, I want to hunt it up on Ebay to find it but each search comes up with "Eight legged freaks" and that is not the movie. This one would have been in the 1980s-early 1990s. Thanks!!!

    1 réponseMoviesil y a 1 décennie
  • What is MS?

    First, I know I need to see a doctor, and I am Call it being a somewhat Hypochondriac but this has been on my mind. My mom, from a previous marriage had five other children. We dug up as much as we could about her first marriage.One or two of the first five kids she had either had MS or MD. The reason for the question is that I have had fainting spells since I was a kid. I also had episodes to where my vision would, well, go. I would see "floaters" all around, some times they would look like a rainshower, then my sinus would kick up with pain and pressure. These last few months (and this could be due to stress) I have muscle aches. I cannot even brush my hair anymore for seconds before my arms hurt. My knees get dislocated at times because of how my legs are, and sometimes I will have my hands/feet go to sleep for no reason (which means I do not sit on them funny all the time when they do this. I hate to go to a DR but I was wondering if those who have MS have these same symptoms?

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  • Is he cheating or should I trust he is not?

    This is bugging me, he has assured me he isn't cheating, but is not clear to me if he "wants" someone else. Last night I sent the kids to their grandma's bought a nice little nighty (nothing slutty but IMSHO very elogant) Cooked him a steak and potatoes, (with the A-1) got a few other things for us, and he totally ignores me. Watches wrestling and goes to sleep. He has not touched me in weekSSSSSSSS We do have problems now that I am not at liberty to talk about, other than the lack of maritial bliss, but we had discussed these things and I thought were past them. I want to trust him, and I want to turn off my suspicions because it is making me UNhappily married. I also do not want to squash this marriage because I think he is slipping around. Thank you in advance for your HONEST answers

    9 réponsesMarriage & Divorceil y a 1 décennie
  • Electric Range?

    I am planning on purchasing an electric range pretty soon. We have a gas one, but although haivng a gas range cuts down on the electric bill I have to buy propane (and it isn't cheap nore can I order any smaller than a min order) So, I was wanting to query those who have purchased electric ranges what is the best brand at the best price.

    3 réponsesOther - Home & Gardenil y a 1 décennie
  • Chocolate pie?

    I need a good recipe for chocolate pie. Not chocolate pecan pie, not double fudge chocolate pie, not burbon chocolate pie....Please, does anyone know a good recipe for homemade chocolate pie?

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  • Question about death and the unbeliever's children?

    Another false teaching is that non belivers children go to hell if they die before they can make the choice for Jesus. Can anyone give me verses, arguments that refute this, please. Thank you.

    8 réponsesReligion & Spiritualityil y a 1 décennie
  • What to think?

    Someone who chats on Yahoo messenger and when online cuts off their message archives on Yahoo? Does this mean they are trying to hide something? Does Yahoo reset the message archives everyday? Is something sinister up?

    7 réponsesFamilyil y a 1 décennie
  • Knee procedure?

    Knee procedure.?

    I think what I am having is called an Arthroscopy. I have subluxed knee caps, plica band syndrome and cartilage damage. Has anyone else had this done? If so what happens? The doctor told me he planned on doing it by putting me out with gas (is that going under?) how long does it take to recover?


    1 réponseWomen's Healthil y a 1 décennie
  • What do you think of a mother?

    What do you think of a mother who leaves her small children with a man who she doesn't trust because he has substance abuse problems but who is also the father of the children? Before you answer, this same mother leaves these kids with this father while she goes out and has sex with other people?

    21 réponsesFamilyil y a 1 décennie
  • Warning signs?

    What are the warning signs for a cheating spouse? Can a good family man, one who is devoted to his wife and kids end up in the arms of another woman (eh, or man) and can a devoted wife and good family woman end up in the arms of another man (woman)? Does being a flirt put someone at high risk of cheating?

    7 réponsesOther - Family & Relationshipsil y a 1 décennie
  • Knee pain (knees)?

    I have severe knee pain when I sit, stand, walk up/down stairs. It starts at the top of the kneecap and shoots down to the very bottom of the knee. It is this huge pressure pain (probably fluid under the knee cap?) in both knees. One is worse than the other but to get up, or down or walk up or down I am having to grasp things. This has been going on for more than five years, getting worse over time. I've been to the doctor and are waiting for the results of an MRI to be faxed to my doc. Does anyone else suffer the same type of pain, and if so what were you diagnosed with?

    4 réponsesPain & Pain Managementil y a 1 décennie
  • Tribulation/rapture?

    Will the rapture happen before the tribulaiton, during or after?

    15 réponsesReligion & Spiritualityil y a 1 décennie
  • Any advise on a brother?

    Here is some background. My brother and I haven't talked for almost two years. He is angry at me because of an argument I had with his wife. She cheated on him more than once and had told him that hte baby she was pregnant with (at the time) might not be his. He is totally controlled by her because he is so wanting to hold onto her. My brother is mad at me because of the things I said about his wife to her (though he was saying it was because of something else) He has nothing to do with me or my kids. Should I just let him go, put it in my mind that he is dead to me or should I try to patch things up with him? Would it do any good while this witch is still in his life?


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  • Why doesn't Yahoo?

    Why doesn't Yahoo Answers take away points for reporting questions/answers? There are so many people who will report just to be mean, I think it would cut down on the number of false reports if Yahoo started deducting points for reporting. That way you will think twice of why you are reporting what you are reporting. Is this a good idea?

    16 réponsesYahoo Answersil y a 1 décennie
  • Is Yahoo the best?

    Is Yahoo the best?

    4 réponsesOther - Yahoo Productsil y a 1 décennie
  • Do you Yahoo?

    Do you like Yahoo?

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  • Babies and heaven?

    I have heard someone make the argument that babies who are born from non believers who die will go to hell because they don't have the protection of the believing parent on them. Now, I don't believe this, but I was wondering if you Christians there would weigh in your beliefs on this, and some bible scriptures to support it, thanks.

    20 réponsesReligion & Spiritualityil y a 1 décennie