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  • My pregnancy has been hijacked!?

    So, My sister has been on a shopping craze. It seems every few days she's out, she picks something up. She's almost completed a whole nursery, and i'm only 10 weeks pregnant. I have no clue how to ask her to stop. This is my first pregnancy and decorating the nursery was something I had already planned out. I got a little peeved (Oooopppss... Hormones) about it a couple weeks ago, and we got into a huge argument (of all things, about the theme) She's feeling like since she's doing all of this for me, I should just be grateful, take it, and use it. (I'm just not a fan of the bright colors) She takes it really hard every time i hint at her to stop. I love the help, I really do, but between the non-solicited advice (I work in maternity care, I may not know everything, but I know alot), and the buying of things, its becoming overwhelming. My boyfriend keeps telling me to relax, and enjoy the "free stuff"... We don't have a ton of money, and she knows that. I feel like she's trying to flaunt it. I've already tried the "Ok sister, we should talk about this" and it didn't go to well. any other suggestions?

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  • Army separation chapter 8 and military moving...?

    I'm starting my Chapter 8 process soon, and I have all but one thing handled. I'm moving back to where i joined from, and all I need to know, do I need to move myself, or can it all get done through military transpo? No one has really been able to give me a clear cut answer, and I'd rather start shipping my belongings now if I have to pay out of pocket, vs. if they'll just ship it all for me.

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  • Dating for night shift worker?

    So, here's the deal. I've been dating the same man for about 4 months. We made it exclusive about a month ago. About 2 weeks ago i started working night shift. thats 7pm-7am, a couple days during the week, and every other weekend, 40 hours a week. Its been putting a big strain on my new found relationship. When i'm sleeping, he's awake. when he's sleeping i'm awake. there's really only about 5 hours when we're awake at the same time. thats 6pm-11pm. i see him then, right? thats a total of 3 days a week, no sleepovers, no sex, no getting a couple drinks, no getting breakfast, unless it happens to be the weekend i'm off work. (he works 6am-7pm). I need to find ways to make this work, he's "my guy". are there any night shift workers out there with some really good tips?

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  • Constantly going into muscle failure working out?

    I'm used to normal weight lifting, and cardio. 3 reps of 10-15 per exercise, and muscle failure at the end of a workout. Recently my friend ordered a workout online, which i'm not too sure about. I know alot about working out, but this is one of the first time i've heard about going into muscle failure every rep. (not every set, but every rep) resting one minute, and either doing the same exercise with different weights, or super-setting and not doing the same rep twice. Its not cross fit if thats what you're thinking. i'm just not sure if constantly going into muscle failure with the same muscles is a great thing to do. anyone have any answers?

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  • Haunted house... Why would spirits do this?

    What could it be, if doors are beign locked seperating adults from children? outside doors locked with children sleeping inside, a door to the bathroom locked when the child does not know how to lock the door? and constantly feeling like someone is watching you. i understand spirits. and i believe thats what it is (dont down my beliefs, if you do, just dont answer) buy why would they constantly seperate adults from their children? (no history of any kind of abuse towards child)

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  • children sex offenders..?

    I'm not talking about adults either.

    Children who sexually abuse other children in the state of california get what kind of sentencing? for example, a 12 yr old boy who molested his 7 yr old sister..., since he's so young would he go to juvy? or sent into some kind of foster home? what would happen if the parents "may have" known about this? ad left them home alone together? i'm looking for information because i cannot find it easily on the web. Legal action has started, and i just want to know how it would end now. and NO, this didnt happen under my roof, i am appalled, disgusted and angry. Also impatient and want to know all possibilities. thanks.

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  • Can i dye my hair and do a hot oil treatment in the same day? and if so, does it matter which i do first?

    i'm also dying my hair from brown to auburn if that matters...

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  • 24x^2 + 36x= -10 find X?

    trying to find X with an explination on how you got X.

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  • what is TFP modeling?

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  • studyin for placement test... math question?

    Ben is making wooden toys for the next arts and crafts sale. Each toy costs Ben $1.80 to make. If he sells the toys for $3.00 each, how many will he have to sell to make a profit of exactly $36.00?

    I know the answer is 30. but how?

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  • How much to replace head gasket?

    on a 92 ford explorer, and what problems can occur form a blown head gasket?

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  • Seperation pay and dual military?

    I'm dual military, and because my husband left so soon we never got the chance to file for BAH. i was told he could get seperation pay, but no one was sure if we could both file for it. can we both file for seperation pay?

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  • Selling resident evil video game?

    If i were to go into game stop and sell the 3 resident evil games to them (ie; they buy used games) how much do they usually buy them for? and do they still need to have the cases?

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  • I think my friend is AWOL.?

    Although... i wouldnt call him much of a friend. I got a call from his brother and he said he had been staying there for the past couple months. I know he left Ft Lewis, but he has been saying he is on extended leave. (i for one, know this isn't true) I believe he is AWOL. I'm working with his mother to try and get him out of there so she doesn't get into any trouble. Since he's been lying to her about being AWOL, will she get into any trouble? She didn't exactly know what was going on, and doesn't know anything about the military, except from what i'm telling her. i know he had a court case coming up for assault. he never came back for that. how much trouble will he get into? and his unit if deploying in 1 week. does that come into play?

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  • Geographical bachelors?

    To my understanding, the army has put away with geographical bachelors in 2005. Either i'm wrong or Housing hasn't quite got the word.

    here's the story; got married june 11, husband left for training in virginia 6 hours later... (sucks, i know) he'll be back in 6 weeks. For now i'm living in the barracks because housing will not allow me to file for BAH until he is within 50 miles (Living) or stationed on fort lewis. this sounds lie a geographical bachelor. can someone explain? if the army has done away with it, why is housing making me stay?

    one more thing; when i ask why they say "thats just how it is"

    Can someone tell me if i'm wrong, if there wrong, and where to find this information? please!

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  • Dog Adoption help!!!?

    I'm looking to adopt. I'm in WA state. what do i need to take with me to a shelter, and are there adoption fees and about how much?

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  • Computer crashing help please!?

    I have an ACER notebook and it will run just fine for 10-20 minutes, then immediatly slow down and shut off in about 30 seconds. if i leave it off for 10 minutes it wont do it again for another 10, but if i immediatly turn it on again it will turn off in about 3. what is the problem? how can i fix it, or do i need to take it in and where is the best place? becausee i know geek squad is NOT the place to go. (they hire bodys, not brains) thanks.

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