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  • Are there any good love songs with a "we're going to make this marriage" work sort of a message?

    There are so many about hooking up and breaking up that I just can't relate to anymore.

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  • Substituting cooking wine for normal wine in a recipe?

    The recipe calls for a dry white whine, and we have a standard white cooking wine.

    Does this change how I should cook the risotto? Should I still add the salt in the recipe since there's extra salt in the cooking wine?

    8 réponsesCooking & Recipesil y a 1 décennie
  • Is the word "traditional" offensive?

    I've heard that the term "traditional family" is offensive to some I was wondering if in the future (as gays are increasingly getting married) if the term "traditional marriage" would become offensive.

    What is your take on the two terms. Don't care? Super offensive? A little annoyed?

    Honest curiosity here - I don't mean to hurt anyone's feelings.


    15 réponsesLesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgenderil y a 1 décennie
  • If you ever let your baby cry it out?

    Did you every find it so heartbreaking that you cried too?

    17 réponsesNewborn & Babyil y a 1 décennie
  • What happens if a candidate wins the primary, and then passes on?

    Does their VP running mate get it? Do they have everyone vote again? Or do the party delegates just pick whoever they want?

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  • Is there an everyday store that sells 100% jojoba oil?

    I know there's lots of places to order it online, but it doesn't really seem worth the shipping costs.

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  • Separating work from personal life when I work from home.?

    I've got my own little graphic design business which I really enjoy...but my number one job is caring for my little baby girl, and that doesn't let me have much of a set schedule for work - I just squeeze it in when I can.

    So I'm having a hard time switching on and off from "work mode"

    Any good ideas to help?

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  • starting baby on solids?

    Three days ago I started my baby on milk mixed with a very thin rice cereal just for one meal a day. All seems to be going well for her with that.

    How should I transition her to a thicker rice cereal? And then how should I transition her to baby foods? Also how should I transition the number of meals this way? What about other liquids such as water and juice?

    I'm mostly looking for time frames here, but I'd also welcome any extra advice you have on the subject.


    13 réponsesNewborn & Babyil y a 1 décennie
  • How do you celebrate Yule if you don't have a fireplace?

    Also what is the Yule log all about? The meaning? the tradition?

    Just trying to understand more people.


    20 réponsesReligion & Spiritualityil y a 1 décennie
  • Anyone know a good steak marinade without garlic?

    I'm nursing and the baby gets an upset tummy when I eat fact, the marinade shouldn't be very spicy at all...maybe something on the sweet side would be best.

    I'd appreciate any suggestions.

    7 réponsesCooking & Recipesil y a 1 décennie
  • Does your IUD sometimes make you feel like you have to go to the bathroom more?

    I've had the mirena for about a week, and lately at night I've been getting a false sense of needing to pee.

    Anyone else have that experience? Does it go away after a while?

    Even if it doesn't go away; I'll just learn to live with it, because it's still the best BC option for me...I was just curious.

    2 réponsesWomen's Healthil y a 1 décennie
  • My 2 month old just had spit up come out her nose?

    Is it:

    A) No big deal at all

    B) Something to be rather concerned about


    C) Maybe I should just review what I've eaten today since I'm nursing, and perhaps something bothered her.


    12 réponsesNewborn & Babyil y a 1 décennie
  • On scheduled inductions do they always use the same method?

    I've been scheduled for my "week overdue" induction on Thursday (I've still got my fingers crossed that baby will come on her own before then).

    But I was wondering, do the doctors or nurses use different methods of induction depending on how far you've progressed when you go in?

    I know Pitocen gets used a lot, but I've also heard of a gel to soften the cervix, and getting your water broken. Why do they sometimes choose one or two over the other(s)?

    10 réponsesPregnancyil y a 1 décennie
  • What are some funny ways to respond?

    I'm due the 17th, and well in the last few weeks I've become rather impatient with all the "still haven't had that baby?" and "still pregnant?" or "you look like you're about to pop!" comments.

    I just figured if I don't have something funny to say back, I could end up saying something mean that I'll regret instead.

    Any good ideas?

    24 réponsesPregnancyil y a 1 décennie
  • What is best to do when you're having lots of braxton hicks and false labor contractions?

    I wrote braxton hicks and false labor contractions because I've had both the random ones and the close together patterned ones (for over an hour, but it was just false labor - cervix is still perfectly closed).

    I don't think I really want to try any "natural inducing" techniques right now, because I think that would only lead to more false alarms at this point.

    What I suppose I'm really wondering, is if it's better for my baby and my body to rest as much as possible at this point? Or is it better to keep going about my daily activities? (office job, etc).

    ----38 1/2 weeks - and I'll be seeing my doc tomorrow---

    8 réponsesPregnancyil y a 1 décennie
  • Is it true contractions can go for days or weeks before labor?

    I've been contracting for the last 25 hours, but haven't bothered to leave work or anything because they've been random in their timing (jumping around between 2 and 25 minutes).

    I'll be at 38 weeks tomorrow, which I know is far enough along to have the baby, but it's also early enough that it makes me suspect I could be doing this for a while.

    Any stories or insights to share? How much should I bother watching the clock?


    13 réponsesPregnancyil y a 1 décennie
  • For those in third trimester, what are you doing to stay comfy in the summer?

    I know it's unlikely we'll feel 100% comfortable at this point, I was just wondering if you have found any tricks that have helped you a bit.

    Thanks for sharing your ideas

    (36 weeks myself)

    12 réponsesPregnancyil y a 1 décennie
  • Feeling baby's feet way far over on my right side?

    I can tell those are her feet kicking at my side, way over by the seam of my shirt, about half-way between my ribs and hips.

    I'll be at 35 weeks tomorrow, and her feet have been there for the last 3-4 seems to me a bit of an odd place.

    Has anyone else experienced this? What position was your baby in? I've got this sneaking suspicion that she might be sidways, but I won't know for sure until I see the doc on monday.

    I'm not particularly frightened at the possiblity of her being in a funny position, just curious what insights you all might have.


    7 réponsesPregnancyil y a 1 décennie
  • What's the best thing to do when you get the pregnant dizzies?

    Lie down for a bit?

    Eat something?

    Just feeling pretty light headed at the moment, and looking for advice. Unfortunately I'm at work, fortunately it's a physically gentle office job.

    13 réponsesPregnancyil y a 1 décennie