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  • does anyone remember the name of the vampire show that came on after silk stalkings circa 1991?

    I cant remember the name or even the premise. but i think it was a vampire show. it came on after the show silk stalkings in the early 1990's

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  • whats the name of the kung fu type movie from about 2.5 years ago where the character goes to the wild west?

    I think it was called warrior something.

    It was an action kungfu movie I think but it was in the old west. I think it came out around December of 2010

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  • how to evict a person who is not required to pay rent in dekalb county georgia?

    I have a friend staying with me for the last few months. but its time for her to get the hell out. so I told her she has to leave by the end of the month. which she agreed with. but I am still going to file for the eviction to make sure she leaves and so that I have it on paper that she no longer lives there.

    she must leave of her own free will or be evicted if she has lived in my home for more than 30 days.

    now the problem is this.

    I do not need to give her written notice but I choose to do so (I like a paper trail)

    but everything I find is always about non payment of rent. I have never charged her rent because I told her I wouldn't. I was just helping her out. but her job was to basically be a live in house keeper (im getting rid of her because she does not clean up amongst other things)

    any legal advice about how to file for eviction for a person who is not required to pay rent?

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  • does anyone else thing that Tobi is Madara's younger brother?

    I used to think that it could be Obito who somehow didnt die or was revived being that he had one Sharingan (possibly wasnt destroyed when the boulder hit him)

    or perhaps it was Sasuke's father. yeah I know he was killed by itachi but this is a fictional story about a ninja with a 500 ton demon living inside of him so do not bore me with semantics.

    but now that we know Madara is in fact dead and Tobi had two sharingans, I think that Madara's brother, who if I recall, never was stated as being dead just that Madara stole his eyes.

    with that said also remember that the brother was apparantly as much as an a$$ kicker as Madara since they both competed with each other... so Im thinking that Tobi may be his Brother with transplanted Sharingan eyes

    or am I crazy

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  • conservatives who had said that there is no need to search the elderly Americans and vets at the airport?

    because It is "so OBVIOUS they are not terrorist" (Sean Hannity). how do you feel now that 4 retirees were arrested for planning on assassinating political figures, Blowing up the ATF headquarters in Atlanta and the IRS building. as well as getting Ricin and dispersing it along highways in Atlanta

    One of the suspects is a Navy Veteran

    My point is, No one should be above screening, be it a 30 year old Muslim man in a turbin, a 2 year old child who's parent could plant explosives in a diaper, or a retired US Navy Veteran.

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  • In Naruto, what is the ultimate fight that never happened in your opinion?

    My friend thinks oorochimaru and pain

    Personally the fight that I have wanted to see since the second season is Sasuke Uchiha VS Neji Hyugga (before sasuke defected from the leaf)

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  • How's this for a good way for congress to start balancing the budget?

    EVERY House member must cut 25 million in finances to THEIR own district. and that house member has to choose where to cut. but it should be mandatory.

    when that is done, they vote, and since they would essentially be voting on the cuts they proposed for their own constituency of their own district, the vote should be 100% yes. 10.87 billion saved!

    then the 100 senators Have to do the same for their states. saving another 2.5 Billion.

    an easy 13.37 Billion saved.

    what do you all think?

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  • Now I am all for gun ownership in the hands of responsible adults, but since the time of the adoption of the?

    2nd Amendment only flint lock weapons where available, shouldn't high capacity magazines outside the hands of law enforcement and the Military be exempt?

    I am not anti-gun. I have owned several different firearms over the years including pistols, a rifle and shotguns. I even had a 45 caliber Mac 10 that held 30 rounds. but to be honest, I do not find the need to have that kind of fire power.

    I am all for the protection of a house and family but I do not think this is what our founding fathers intended when they gave us the right to bear arms.

    I mean, Really? If you need more than the 2 magazines with 14 rounds of 9mm bullets to kill an intruder or rapist, then you probably shouldn't be shooting any way because you are obviously

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  • The Bishop Eddie long sexual misconduct suit. What exactly are the young men suing him for if they were willin?

    if the were above the age of consent in Georgiam which is 16 when they had the sexual relationship with Eddie Long? I do not see the legal issue tho I do see the moral issue

    now personally, I think Long did what he is accused of, but what I am not sure is where they have a case against him. so what if he (as I quote Rick James) loved them and left them. If that was a reason to sue, then most adults could sue at least one ex boyfriend and girlfriend.

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  • how do you feel about term limits in congress?

    how many terms do you think a senator (6 years) or house member (2 year should be allowed to serve)

    Im thinking 2 terms for senators (12 years) and terms 9 for house members (18 years)

    I used to think even less time but I figured since the pres can have 8 years, might as well give the congress members more

    your thoughts?

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  • to all on the far left and right. Why does everything have to be so black and white to you?

    I see it more fromt he conservative posters on Yahoo than the liberals, but both do it. why must everything be so one sided? its either this way or no way. guess what, your way is not necesarrily the only way to fix a problem!

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  • I have a REAL political question lol. If there are an Equal number of seats in the US Senate or House?


    In this hypothetical question, If there were to be an equal amount of senators from each of the major parties (50 democrats and 50 republicans) how would the speaker of the house and majority/minority leaders be selected.

    same question for the house. If there were an equal amount of members from each party, how would the leadership be chosen.


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  • where can I find the latest Bleach Manga? is not running anymore

    mangafox doesnt have it up yet

    Bleachcentral has merged with Fancom and their site is now FUBAR. and no one can get to the manga.

    any suggestions (or is bleach taking the week off and I didnt realize it)

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  • does anyone else think that we have Too many elected officials in both state and federal government?

    Why are we paying for 100 senators and 435 members of the House? I think we should be able to easily cut the members of the House in half to close to 200 members. that would cut the deficit by close to 38 million dollars a year not counting pay for staffers, aids, and benefits that might be another 250 to 300 million (I did the math a while ago but cant remember the exact number)

    I do think that 2 senators per state is a good number tho.

    but by my rough estimate, that would put and extra 1 billion that can go towards the deficit every 3 1/2 to 4 years.

    but not only will that reduce the deficit, but with less people arguing about nothing in the halls of congress, more things can get done for the people. good or bad policies at least something can get done with less arguments and less people for political squabbles.

    anyone have an answer or legitimate opinion dealing with my question

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  • In November will the Voters remember the Republicans fight to hold up the tax cuts for poor and middleclass?

    The rupblicans seem to think that it is OK to play politcs by holding the Tax cuts hostage so that the wealthiest 5 percent can pay less taxes, while at the same time talking about how huge the deficit is and why they fought against extending long term unemployment for some people. the reason being that they needed a way to pay with out adding to the deficit. I personally do not really see the reason for extending them to the wealthiest since they are not tax hikes but rather allowing the tax breaks for the wealthiest to expire to the normal tax rate

    what is your opinion

    I just want to know if any (mainly moderates) will remember this in November

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  • why was there a congressional hearing on steroid use in Baseball anyway?

    Roger clemmens may go to jail for perjury, which he should if he lied. But I'm not sure as to why he was testifying about steroid use anyway.

    can anyone tell me why there was a congressional hearing on the subject a few years ago?


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  • can conservatives admit that Fox News has a conservative spin and Liberals admit MSNBC has a liberal spin?

    this is a question on my mind today as I was watching the news. I find that many conservatives seem to not see Fox news for its conservative spin while complaining of MSNBC and my Liberal pals pointing out Fox News Bias while saying that MSNBC is not.

    how many on the left will admit MSNBC's Bias?

    how many on the right will admit Fox New's Bias?

    As alway, Please no bullcrap IMPEACH THE SOCIALIST or BUSH CHENEY SHOULD BE TRIED FOR TREASON, intellegence and thoughtfullness please.

    thank you

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  • for conservatives and liberitarians (but anyone really) what would you do to make Gov smaller?

    A lot of people say we need smaller government,and I agree, but what programs or agencies in the state or federal government would you decrease or get rid of?

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  • was I the only one surprised at the latest Naruto manga?

    Spoiler Alert if you have not read 499 go to before going any further!

    For the most part I love Naruto but I can kinda figure out what is going to happen. but for his mother to have been the previous host for the kyuubi... I was a more than a lil bit surprised.

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  • as for my earlier question about less benefits for congress, how about this? NON PARTISAN PLEASE?

    Ok, a lot of people agreed with me and a few had some disinformation. but alot of great ideas

    a congress member makes 174k

    the leaders of the party make 193k

    the speaker makes 223k

    this is fact, this is their paycheck before taxes and before adding any benifits of any kind.

    each congress member has about a 1 million dollar a year office expenditure account. this is for office supplies,leases and certain staff memebers (im not sure which members) as well as the congress person's vehicle.

    they can retire and get a small pension after only 5 years (not a full pension like some of the disinformation out there [and they cant recieve it until age 54 i think]) the longer they are in the congress the larger the pension

    they also have a travel and housing allowance, medical insurance , dental, vision

    and a host of other small benefits.

    now as i stated in my other question, I dont think that these should be taken from them. but i do believe that with 10% unemployment, and the economy in the crapper, this is a bit too much waste. how about this

    pay cut of 10%-15%

    must lease a car for under 20k (any extra comes from their paycheck)

    they get their own health insurance. which would cost a family about 500 a month

    etc etc basically a reasonable lowering of perks

    they should not be able to vote their own raises, (that is BULL)

    I know many are lawyers and business men who can make more in the private sector. but guess what? they should stay their butts in the private sector then. the TAXPAYERS are paying their wage now, not the private sector. dont do the job for the money. do it for love of country!

    YES YES YES! Term limits. I think 2 for the senate (12 years) and 5 for the house (10 years)

    please no partisan Bull crap.

    thank you all for good answers and suggestions!

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