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  • Cingular is charging $5/month to old AT&T customers who do not upgrade their equipment. How do we stop this?

    This is crazy. I am on a contract with them for another 7 months. I can not cancel or they charge me $175. They will not honor our agreement as they say my plan is the same rate, this is just a "fee" and they can add "fees". WHAT A SCAM? Any attorney's interested in a class action suit? They want to upgrade me to a plan for $10 more a month with less than I currently get and refuse to keep my plan in tact for the full term or let me out of my contract. Can they legally do this?

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  • 1977/78 Yamaha 25' Sailboat Manual?

    Does anyone have an owners or service manual for this that I could get a copy of? It has a single cylinder Yanmar diesel engine that was stock and that portion of the manual would be great to have!!!

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