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  • Nikon D60: Autofocus of two AF-S lenses not working anymore after using another lens.?

    I have used my Nikon D60 for about 6 years now, with AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G, and AF-S 55-200mm Nikkor f/4-5.6G lens, and the autofocus has been working fine this entire time.

    However, I recently used the AF Nikkor 50mm f/1.4D lens for a few days, which of course requires manual focus. But when I switched back to my two older lenses, the autofocus would not work anymore. The motors would rotate but it just wouldn't focus. In the past, if that happened, all I needed to do was detach and reattach the lens, but that didn't help. I tried to clean and wipe everything but still doesn't work.

    Although I thought that initially putting on the 50mm lens was more difficult, as it felt like a tighter fit, and now it feels much easier to put on my older two lenses, and it just feels looser. Could it have anything to do with that? like a problem with the contact between Camera and Lens?

    Any thoughts? Much appreciated on any suggestions!

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  • La prononciation du mot "Ingrédient"?


    J'ai habité pendant trois ans en Belgique quand j'étais petit il y a plus de dix ans, puis je me suis déménagé au Canada. Donc, mon accent est un peu un mélange des deux.

    Au Canada, on prononce le "ent" du mot "Ingrédient" comme dans "vraiment". Mais je l'ai toujours prononcé comme on le prononce dans "chien", pensant que je l'ai appris en Belgique, mais j'ai maintenant des doutes.

    Je suis curieux, est-ce que c'est vraiment comment on le prononce en Belgique? Ou bien c'est une erreur et personne ne m'a jamais corrigé?


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  • Why are games 6 and 7 played 2 days in a roll?

    I don't really know about hockey scheduling and logistics, but why are the Canadiens and Bruins playing 2 days in a roll in the playoffs? Does this happen for every game 6 and 7?

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  • Best Point Guard in the NBA (2000-2011, and future predictions)?

    It seems that these days the point guards are getting more attention than they ever did before, for good reasons since the number of quality PGs today is phenomenal. Some of the guys included in the top 10 best point guard discussion (Rose, Westbrook, Rondo, etc) weren't even in the league a very short time ago. Plus it seems just like yesterday when the "Top PG in the NBA" title belonged to one person for a long time, i.e Steve Nash, Chris Paul. And now it seems that the title changes from one person to the next everyday. Here is my personal list of Best PG in the NBA timeline since 2000.

    Jason Kidd (2000-2004)

    Steve Nash (2004-2007)

    Chris Paul (2007-2009)

    Deron Williams (2009-2011)

    Derrick Rose (2011-) Now more and more people are saying it's Derrick Rose.

    What do you all think? And make your list.

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  • What's up with OJ Mayo's playing time?

    I have followed OJ Mayo since he was in high school when he was praised as one of the best prospects ever. He was basically second for Rookie of the Year behind Derrick Rose, and last year even though his scoring was down 1 point, it could be attributed to the addition of Zach Randolph. So this year, I was wondering why he's been demoted to the bench for last 10 games or so, and have only been given about 20-25 minutes a game, which is pretty much the same amount of playing time as second unit guys. In my opinion he's still probably the third best on the team with lot of potential to improve, so why is he getting less and less playing time? So if anyone who lives in Memphis or follows Grizzlies basketball closely can give me some information on this issue.

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  • Who said that Evan Turner has no game?

    Item 16 of this article, I was wondering who is the veteran who said that Evan Turner has no game?

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  • Does buffer capacity change when it is diluted?

    If a 100mL buffer solution is diluted to 1L, will it still have the same buffer capacity?

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  • Do playoff stats count as career highs?

    Hi, so Derrick Rose had 32 points yesterday against the Hawks and that was marked as his career high in points, but he did have 36 points last year against the Celtics in the playoffs. Does it mean playoff stats don't count in the career high categories?

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