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  • Is Sansui a good brand for DVD recorders?


    I'm currently looking for a DVD recorder and was just wondering if Sansui was a reliable brand. Also, what other brands would make reliable DVD recorders?

    1 réponseTiVO & PVRsil y a 1 décennie
  • natal charts? Scorpio leo rising?

    I got a free natal chart report on the net and it said I'm a Scorpio sun and moon with leo rising. But then when I read leo rising it said that we're loud and have tantrums and such...but that is totally not me. I feel like I'm an aquarius rising as I'm reserved and aloof.

    The first time I wanted to see my natal chart I put in 1:40pm as my birth time and I got aquarius rising...that was until my Mum told me I was actually born on 1:40AM (not PM) and so now it says I'm leo rising and it doesn't make much sense to me.

    Do people experience the same thing with natal charts or am I misinterpreting what leo rising is?

    2 réponsesHoroscopesil y a 1 décennie
  • myers-briggs and astrology?

    This is for those who know what the myer-briggs test is...

    Is there a relation between the myers-briggs personality test and astrology? Cause I am an INTP/INFP and a Scorpio and they sort of have similiarities in them. Do any of you experience the same thing or does your astrological sign contradict with your myers-briggs personality?

    Just being curious...

    3 réponsesHoroscopesil y a 1 décennie
  • I'm attracted to older women?


    I'm 21 yrs old male student at uni...though I see a lot of attractive girls round my age, I just really love older women in their 30's and 40's. Is that strange? Just out of curiosity, do older women like younger guys round my age or is that too young?

    14 réponsesGender & Women's Studiesil y a 1 décennie
  • advanced search on myspace?


    I'm trying to look for someone on myspace. I've searched through people and I can only filter my search by country zip code and whether they display photos.

    Isn't there an advanced search where I can type in name, age, and location? I'm not registered with myspace so am I limited to search options?

    MySpaceil y a 1 décennie
  • The best Beckham goal?

    Tell me the best goal David Beckham has scored for club or country. What game was it? What season/year? And describe the goal.

    8 réponsesEnglish Football (Soccer)il y a 1 décennie
  • Who should be the next Socceroos manager?


    Who do you think should be the next Socceroos manager? Should he come from Europe? Is it important that he should have knowledge of Asian football since it is Australia's qualifying route? Who should be working alongside as assistant manager?

    3 réponsesOther - Socceril y a 1 décennie
  • Vertigo and an ear infection?

    Ok when I woke up on my bed, I was resting on my back. Then I turned on to my right side then all of a sudden I got severe dizziness (like the room was spinning quite badly and I needed to balance) and it sorta forced my body to turn on my back again to stop the dizziness.

    Then I turned onto my left side...exact same thing happened and my body forced itself to turn on its back again...this has never happened to me before and I felt nauseated. Did I experience vertigo?

    Also, for the past few mths I have had watery and waxy ears. Like in the mornings, my ears would be really watery and when I rub them it squishes and fluid just comes out (looks like its water) but I don't swim or anything like that. Or sometimes when my ears feels a little heavy I poke my finger in it and a lot of wax comes out.

    Do I have an ear infection? Cause I've done some research on this and found something called Ménière's disease...

    4 réponsesOther - Diseasesil y a 1 décennie
  • Is your house killing you?

    And why? I am conducting a survey for my assignment...

    8 réponsesPolls & Surveysil y a 1 décennie
  • Who owns or have owned a Chupacabra?


    I'm currently doing a survey on Chupacabras and I would just like to know how many people here own, or have owned, a Chupacabra.

    If you have, then please mention its name then identify one advantage of having a Chupacabra and also one disadvantage.

    10 réponsesPolls & Surveysil y a 1 décennie
  • Complete the lyric: What would you do if I sang out of tune?


    I'm donating 10pts to the best answer...complete the following lyric...

    What would you do if I sang out of tune?...

    12 réponsesPolls & Surveysil y a 1 décennie
  • How do I tell my Chupacabra to stop?


    I recently bought a Chupacabra under a friend's recommendation, but I have some problems after taking care of it for almost a week now.

    Like all Chupacabras, my Chupacabra has a bad habit of killing other animals in bizzare ways. For example, it killed my next-door neighbours' annoying dog just a couple of days ago. I don't want to go into detail of how my Chupacabra did sent shivers down my spine. But whilst I did want that barking dog to go away, I didn't actually want it to die! I was only kidding when I said that.

    Now, how can I order my Chupacabra to stop this habit in which it pursues during the wee hours of the night?

    For those who currently own a Chupacabra, or have owned one in the past, are welcome to post your suggestions.

    4 réponsesOther - Petsil y a 1 décennie
  • Did you make winnings from the Melbourne Cup?


    Just would like to hear from your winnings/losses from the Melbourne Cup. Here's my story, bet $5 on Efficient to win and won $113. Was gonna bet on Maybe Better until it got scratched off.

    4 réponsesHorse Racingil y a 1 décennie
  • Jobs that rely on eyesight?

    I just wanted to know what jobs heavily rely on eyesight

    3 réponsesOther - Careers & Employmentil y a 1 décennie
  • Jobs that rely on eyesight?


    I was just wondering if there were any jobs out there that relies on eyesight or where it is almost to a point of a necessity...just curious.

    4 réponsesOther - Healthil y a 1 décennie
  • If you fart and sneeze at the same time, can you die?

    Somebody told me that if you fart and sneeze at the same time, you can die. I really doubt it but this person told me that when you do, you just collapse and die. It made me laugh as its pretty funny imagery but it got me curious.

    Please somebody tell me that this is not true.

    13 réponsesOther - Healthil y a 1 décennie
  • Recently passed my test, but I hate driving...does it get better?


    I recently passed my driving test (what a relief) and I have gone out driving a few times but never really liked the experience. I'm asking the more experienced, have you ever gone through this and will I learn to actually like driving?

    Tommorow I'm gonna be driving on my own a bit far away (like 40mins) and I'm a little scared.

    5 réponsesCommutingil y a 1 décennie
  • Does Astrology describe you accurately?

    Does astrology describe you accurately? Or in other words, do you fit the description of your astrological sign? It is accurate for me so I was just wondering if it was the same for you.

    18 réponsesHoroscopesil y a 1 décennie
  • What weight is most suitable to lift for me?


    I really want to work on my biceps and willing to do the common bicep curl excercise. But what weight should I lift for bicep curls? I'm 60kg or 132 what weight is suitable for me to lift for biceps curls? Also, how many reps and sets would be recommended?

    2 réponsesDiet & Fitnessil y a 1 décennie
  • how to individually delete websites on the address bar?


    I have the latest Internet Explorer and there is one website on the address bar that I want deleted. I want to delete it without clearing all the other sites.

    And no clear history from 'internet options' isn't an option as it will clear all the typed urls clearing the history page won't do it either as it won't clear the typed urls. And no highlighting the address and deleting won't work either.

    So does anybody know how to individually delete a typed url from the web address bar?

    2 réponsesOther - Computersil y a 1 décennie