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  • are the illuminati real?

    Has anyone heard of the Illuminati (a secret family with tons of money secretly controlling the US government and causing all the problems we're having)? Are they real? Can you show evidence?

    5 réponsesOther - Politics & Governmentil y a 9 ans
  • Anyone have any real ghost stories?

    I'm FASCINATED with these and would love to read it if you would like to share.

    This is a serious question and I only want real stories. Take the jokes and wise cracks to the jokes section please.

    4 réponsesMythology & Folkloreil y a 10 ans
  • Women have always been the primary victims of war?

    Apparently Hillary Clinton said this in San Salvador. Before I start ranting on Hillary Clinton, does anyone seriously believe this?

    11 réponsesGender Studiesil y a 10 ans
  • The Blind Side Sexist against men?

    Just saw The Blind Side. Couldn't help but notice the anti-male bias in the movie and how every man in every seen is made to look like a complete moron. Am I the only person who sees this?

    7 réponsesGender Studiesil y a 10 ans
  • Where can I watch the A-team?

    Is there a website where I can watch episodes of the A-team for free?

    4 réponsesOther - Televisionil y a 1 décennie
  • Is Force Factor safe?

    I read that nitrous oxide is the fastest way to build muscle (except for steroids of course, but I'm not doing those). But is it safe? Does it damage your body in any way?

    3 réponsesDiet & Fitnessil y a 1 décennie
  • What is the best Video game quote?

    Let's hear them. I'll go first:

    "Want some rye? Course ya do!" - Boos Miller (Return to Zork)

    8 réponsesVideo & Online Gamesil y a 1 décennie
  • How to beat clinical depression without anti-depressants?

    I've been diagnosed with clinical depression and have been on anti-depressants for half my life. I'm sick of the side effects of these anti-depressants and I want to wean off of them. I have tried weaning off (via doctor's orders of course), to the point where I was able to quit entirely, but something eventually happens. I can only explain it this way: I feel negative energy swelling up inside me. I can keep it at bay for a while, but it eventually becomes so strong that I can no longer keep it contained and it takes over and I feel extremely depressed and it is literally painful. Is this just withdraw? Is it just a temporary thing? Has anyone else experienced this? Better yet, has anyone ever beaten clinical depression without anti-depressants? If so, please tell me how.

    4 réponsesMental Healthil y a 1 décennie
  • I need to meet her parents but they are in foreign country. Any advice?

    I want to propose to my girlfriend. She is Russian (from Kazakhstan) as are her parents and her son (9 years old). However, I have not met her son or her parents and I need to meet them first. But I am terrified that they will not like me. Some people are still into the whole propaganda thing between the US and Russia (which is all government BS) but that concerns me even more. Anyone been in a similar situation or have any advice?

    4 réponsesSingles & Datingil y a 1 décennie
  • Thinking about getting a rabbit, any advice?

    I live alone in an apartment and I don't have time to take care of a dog, so I thought about getting a bunny. I've never had one before so I thought if anyone has one they could give me advice. I know the bonding process takes time and they don't like to be held and carried. For instance, what's the best way to get him back into his cage?

    4 réponsesRodentsil y a 1 décennie
  • How do you gain work ethic?

    My first job out of college was horrible. They demanded hours of overtime but refused to pay for it. Nothing was ever good enough for my manager no matter how hard I tried. So I eventually figured "To hell with it!" As a result, I lost a lot of my work ethic and now it seems to be biting me in the *** with my new job. Has anyone else had this problem?

    How to you rebuild your work ethic?

    1 réponsePsychologyil y a 1 décennie